Tuesday, June 2, 2015


This past weekend was super busy with activities, and performances. After Noah's last tennis practice we went straight to great clips to get him a haircut, and then had lunch at Noodles and Co. It so happened that our church summer BBQ fell on the same evening as a Riversharks game, but because Lexie and the choir from her high school were going to sing that took precedence over the bbq. I wasn't bummed, because there will always be more bbq's, and besides...we love baseball.

No matter what team is playing I love baseball. I wouldn't call myself a sports fanatic, but I sure do love me a good game. It's especially fun when you have a family who is into sports, and Jon really loves baseball. It's even more interesting when you have a little boy who is beginning to understand that going to baseball games plays a huge role while growing up.

In spite of the brutal hot sun (that was beating down my face regardless of wearing sunglasses, and a baseball cap) I still managed to enjoy the game. At least for a while. I saw that Noah and Chelsea were sweating profusely, so to pass some time while the sun went down I took them to ride the carousel. Riding the carousel is a must when we come to a baseball game, and you better believe that my kids will always want to ride on it.
Can I just tell you how happy I am to see these two smiling, and genuinely showing that they are enjoying each other's company. Not one altercation was exchanged between them all evening!
I even managed to capture a couple of selfies with them on the carousel. Where are Jon and Lexie when I need them?? Well, Jon stayed seated with his eyes glued to the game, and Lexie was sitting down with her friends! Good thing I'm beginning to get used to this "selfieness."
Oh...and funnel cake!!
If you are at a baseball game funnel cake is a must. So are crab fries form Chickie and Pete's, but the kids devoured them before I could even take a pic. Then again who cares right? Like y'all really want to see pictures of food!
For the past two years the choir at Lexie's high school known as Vocal Resolution sing "God Bless America" every year at the Riversharks game. It's sad to say that we never came when Sierra first joined the choir, but as long as Lexie's in VR we will be committed to attend every year.
Spending time with my goofy family is always at the top of my list, and I can't thank Ms. Kolody enough for scoring us some tickets!
I can't believe that we stayed for all nine innings. Noah has come a long way in finally understanding what baseball is all about. When we brought him last year he asked, "where are the sharks?" This year he asked, "who's winning daddy?" He's definitely growing up, and beginning to catch the eye on the ball. We all had fun cheering, clapping, and dancing whenever they'd play a snippet from a pop song. The evening was pretty perfect, and the night literally ended with a bang. The Riversharks didn't win, but the fireworks they put on display were awesome, and fun to watch. Noah's eyes were glued to the sky with his mouth agape as they were lighting up in the sky. There is not  a bad seat in the house, and watching my family enjoying each other's company, and having fun is always a wonder to my eyes. 

All I know is that summer has not become official until you go to a baseball game! 
Take us out, Noah!


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