Monday, June 29, 2015


I hardly ever write about my two oldest girls, but since i write to remember, and to pass this on to their posterity I'll only write about the milestones they are reaching.

This fall they will both be sophomores together, but one will be in college, and the other in high school. Yikes! I'm so very proud of their accomplishments, and even their downfalls. Without opposition there would be no growth, and I'm so proud of both my girls for handling what seemed to be a challenging year for them, and  I'm just so dang proud of them for passing yet another trial of faith, and another year of school.  
Alexandra passed with flying colors and is now a sophomore in high school. She endured quite a bit during her freshman year, but in spite of it all managed to keep her GPA above a 3.75. Adjusting to early morning seminary, experiencing high school teachers who curse even worse than her 8th grade teachers, and dealing with typical high school drama can really take a toll on a brand new freshman. Luckily for Lexie she has a knack for getting out of her comfort zone, and enjoys meeting new people. She said if it wasn't for her honors classes, and meeting other kids from other middles schools she would have gone insane! In spite of all the drama and everything she faced she did well in keeping her composure together. She truly is laser focused and I look forward to her looking forward to her sophomore year. I told her it will be a lot better, and the reason I know is because in all sophomore year in high school was the best year for me. 
As far as Sierra goes she is phenomenal, and has finally figured out her life. I'm very grateful that even though she took a break from school (darn that waiting a whole freaking year to establish residency so she can attend school in Utah for a lot less), and after doing so has become an even more focused and is an amazing, happy, happy, happy young woman! I attest that to everything that she has endured since her high school graduation. She truly is anchored in the Gospel, and loves, loves the temple. I am so so very happy that she makes time to go since she received her temple recommend because as you know kids today, especially when living in Utah can "forget" what's important because of being busy with work, and school. It's not only in Utah, but everywhere as well. Heck even us adults can forget that the temple is there, but when i lived in Utah I never took those beautiful buildings for granted. I reminded my daughter of the blessings we received when we'd go frequently, and how much I want her to experience those blessings. 
And she has. 

And like her momma has developed a deep appreciation, and love for the temple. 
I know I always say this, and it's probably getting old, but time is fleeting. I'm so grateful that my girls are living with true principles and that they are taking them to heart. They have an open mind, and on their own motive have developed a strong love, and firm testimony of the Lord's plan and gospel. Putting God first in all that they do, because in today's society they really need it. 

We all do. 

No matter what religion we are, what color, race, gender, age we all need some solace. Some foundation of goodness that brings calmness, peace, and happiness into our life. 

One thing for sure is that no matter how old they get I'll never stop giving them advice. Even at the age of twenty I remind my oldest that whenever they go through a rough patch that there are ways to overcome it, and that it's only temporary. That it'll pass, and to be sincere in their prayers as they try to find an answer from God. To never give up, and that they have a choice to give up, or stand strong.

I remind them of the adage, "I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it." 

And they will learn, and know that. 

And as they continue to grow older, they will.

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