Friday, June 12, 2015


I cannot begin to express the enormity of love and gratitude I have for the temples that are built upon this earth! It had been almost four months since I'd gone, and was so happy that Jon and I made it to the temple last Saturday. It's kind of hard going throughout the school year while the kids are in school because of no babysitter for Noah. And even though we have a teenager to watch the younger ones on a Saturday that plan can backfire sometimes. Backfire because on the Saturdays we'd like to go Lexie has had engagements dealing with school projects, or studying (the perks of being an honors student). But regardless we strive, and have committed to use our time wisely in attending the temple as much as we can. 

So many of us attend the temple for different reasons, but for me one of the biggest reasons I attend is because I'm weak. I need the temple in my life to survive. To survive all the trials that come my way, to relieve any burden that may be on my shoulders, and even on the days that are fine and dandy I attend. Like attending church on Sundays to partake the sacrament to renew our covenants, that's how I feel about the temple as well. I need to continuously go to the temple to gain insight, seek goodness, and light. 

I attend to gain knowledge, and seek answers in finding a resolve to whatever is holding me back in any situation I may need an answer to. To remember that these beautiful buildings are built for a reason, and not so they can make me look pretty in a picture. To build my faith even more in knowing that no matter what, I always have a place to go that lights up my world both in spirit, and mind. It helps bring me back to reality feeling energized to face the days ahead in fulfilling the covenants I made with my Father in Heaven. It's the one chance to escape the world, and all the stresses that life brings.

Upon leaving I always end up finding a path of peace, and the faith I have towards Heavenly Father becomes even more solid and firm. I am so thankful that He points me in the right direction when it comes to any struggle, or choice that I may be facing with. 

I'm so, so thankful that I made it to the temple, and that I feel my testimony growing at the same time. It truly is a priority in my life, and pray that we can make it more often. 

As a mother I need the temple in my life. It's a reminder that tells me that I am a good mother. That I am worthy enough to enter inside the House of The Lord to become a better follower of Christ. To give me clarification that this crazy world I'm raising our kids in can be beautiful. 

How wonderful it is to have a place where I can go for a few hours where it's quiet, where I truly feel the presence of God, and for a few hours...where the world vanishes. And when I have done my work inside i can walk out feeling refreshed, being a better version of myself ready to face the world again to endure this beautiful life that I have well. 
"We must never let the noise of the world overpower and overwhelm that still, small voice." 
~Elder L. Tom Perry (August 5, 1922-May 30, 2015)

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