Thursday, June 25, 2015


Ever had one of those moments when all of a sudden a thought pops in your mind, and instead of ignoring it you act on it? I'm sure many of us have those moments, and I've been having a lot of them recently. 

After dealing with the flu, or whatever nasty bug we had I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the beach. Lexie was under the weather so it was just going to be me, Chelsea, and Noah. 

Upon backing out of my driveway the thought of calling my girlfriend to invite her and her family came to mind. 

And I listened.

I immediately texted her, and she responded within five seconds. You should have seen her girls faces when I picked them up, and mentioned "beach time!" They were giddy, and I can tell that after dealing with a brutal winter, and a long school year that they really needed this. 

And they all had fun. 
In spite of the rain we got caught in we managed to wait it out. The kids all bundled up in their towels until it was safe to step foot back on to the beach. 30 minutes passed and we were able to get into the water again, and the sun came out shining down us as if it was welcoming us back! 
I'm so grateful for that inner voice that tells me of the things to do, and to act on the thoughts that are good. We all needed this, and I'm so glad I acted upon the thought, and invited her, and her kids. The beach is truly one place where we can relax, discuss our life while listening to the waves crashing, and reconnect with God's wonderful creation while the kids have their fun.
It turned out to be a perfect day, and in the end was the perfect remedy in which we all needed. 

Definitely going to be making more beach trips with them this summer! 

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