Monday, June 22, 2015


School is officially over, and summertime is here! In spite of the summer colds we've had we are determined to have fun, and not let anything bring our summer down. We received a package from grandma last week filled with all kinds of goodies. From nerf water guns, to coloring books, scented markers, and crafts to make necklaces...and a soccer ball for Noah. We plan on staying close to home this summer, and are going to make those things useful this summer, and especially fun for the kids. They certainly are growing up too fast, and always want them to know that no matter how old you are there will always be a little kid inside of us that is dying to slide down that water slide, and get on a rollercoaster. I know from experience because I feel that way with my kids, even today! 

The main point of our summer is keeping it simple, and making sure that we spend it as a family. I'd rather spend time with the kids, and let them have simple fun as opposed to racking their brain feeling that they have to be involved in all sorts of activities. While busy can be good it's not always better. I say let the kids be little, dig in the dirt, get in the little blue pool everyday, watch television for a few hours, make library trips, go to the park, catch fireflies when the sun goes down, play frisbee, blow bubbles, chalk the heck out of our sidewalk, painting each other's finger nails with my daughters, and get sweaty playing with my little boy outside. 

In other words...doing summer the old school way. 

I don't write too much about my oldest daughter anymore because she is on her own, and has her own blog which i wish she would update more often, but that's okay. It just shows that she'd rather unplug from the net, and have fun with her friends, and make a living by working. At any rate, we hope that she will come for a visit if, and when work allows her to! We miss her, and hope she will find the time to get away, and come back to Jersey for awhile. If not...we'll just have to find a way to see each other. It's okay if we don't get to see our oldest daughter this summer...there's always Christmas. She knows we love her, and we talk on the phone quite a bit as well as send each other tweets!

Here's hoping everyone has a safe, simple, and fun summer!

Happy Monday!  

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