Wednesday, June 3, 2015


So Noah and I have a routine we do every single morning, and maybe one of these days I'll record it, but I don't know if I ever will because I'm too busy waking up, take daddy to work, making breakfast, helping him brush his teeth, opening up the windows so that I don't have such a high electric bill (thank goodness for Lasko, and them ceiling fans), putting a load of laundry in, and checking email because that's how people communicate nowadays. We don't have major cable so I allow him to watch a little bit of cartoons on PBS which is his favorite, have lunch, go to the park (if it's not raining), rinse, repeat, etc. And since it's been raining for the past two days we've pretty much been cooped up in the house. 

As much as I love being at home, and having a boy that keeps himself entertained not going anywhere for two days can make one go stir crazy. I finally got myself out of the hermit rut and went to our local library to check out some books. Even though we have a ton of books at home we still like checking out books at the library. I think it makes my kids super smart or something! I find that when I take the kids to the library a lot of stress is relieved. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but once i start reading a book I get so excited. Especially when I finish it in 24 hours. Reading books is some serious therapy, and a way for me to "escape" from the daily mundane that surrounds me in motherhood. 

Summertime is definitely my favorite time of the year because that's the time when my kids read the most. There's two more weeks of school left in our neck of the woods, and I'm glad that they are all getting a head start on reading. 
Books definitely keeps one sane especially if it's a really good one. So glad Chelsea is of age now to read the Fablehaven series. Her sisters both tead these books, and now it's her turn. 

We love, love books! 

And summer! 

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