Thursday, December 31, 2015

And So Goes 2015.

Since I didn't want to take a random photo of a few happy strangers that I met at the store I decided to make a collage of my family, and to show that no matter how harsh this world can be, and how tough things can get for us there is always room for happiness, hugs, and joyful moments to cherish for a lifetime. 

On the day before Christmas eve I was buying some last minute items for Christmas dinner at Walmart (don't judge.) I went early in the morning which was nice because there were no lines. Thing is I had exactly 20 items, and the only lines that were available were those registers. I decided to get in line when all of a sudden stood  three people behind me carrying only one item. I let them go ahead of me. You should have seen the look on their faces. Their faces were so shocking, and in that moment I felt both happy and sad. Happy because even though they looked shocked, they seemed to be uplifted, and sad because it makes me wonder how often have they had a kind gesture given to them. 

When the other line next to me opened up I saw a little old man probably around 70 years old standing in line waiting as more people rushed in front of him. The last person I allowed go ahead of me was being rung up so I mumbled under my breath, "what the heck." I offered if he would like to go in my line since he only had a couple of items. He said no thank you, and luckily the lady in front of him only had a few times. It was then when I overheard him telling the cashier how kind I was to offer him to go in front as well as the people I let go ahead of me. They both mentioned how no one rarely does that anymore, and the cashier in particular who works there emphasized how they need more kind customers like that woman (me.) It made me feel good inside knowing that they acknowledged my kindness, and even though one of the customers I allowed to go ahead of me didn't say thank you (i still think he was in major shock that I let him in before me) it didn't bother me in the least. I'm sure eventually someday he'll remember what this kind lady (me) did for him at one point, and hopefully he'll somehow pay it forward. 

I'm sure there are plenty of good folk out there doing random acts of kindness, and if you are one of them please don't stop. I can't even begin to describe the feeling I get when I do something nice for someone, and when they see that the looks on their faces are priceless. Shocking and priceless, and I know that it is uplifting to them. It was such a joy to have seen the smiles on those three strangers regardless of their overwhelming reaction. 

My hope for the new year is for the world to be more kinder and gentler. It's up to us to make that change, and to strive to do better. It is my hope that as a family we can do all things that keep us in good spirits, and always putting the Lord first. To always have that unique light shining upon us so that others can stop, and ask, "what is it that makes you so different", or "why is it that even in the hardest of times you always look at your life in a positive manner." Those are the things I want people to ask so I can let them know that because of the faith I have in God is how I get through his thing called life. 

I love my family, and in between the smiles you see in all the photos I post there is also heartache, and pain. Don't be fooled because we are in no way a perfect family We are striving for it, but because of God I know that we as a family can get through anything in this crazy, but beautiful world. 

May y'all reflect on the goodness that the Lord has blessed you with this past year, and strive to be a more kind and gentler people, and that 2016 will be a solid year for you! 

Thank you for visiting this small patch of my life in this vast internet world where I love to write, and wishing y'all a happy New Year! 


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