Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ladies Night With Sandra Turley in D.C.!

I will always remember the times I attended ladies night back in Utah when I only had two kids. While my husband and father-in-law would be out attending priesthood session, I would occasionally hang out with my mother, and sister-laws to attend ladies night at our local deseret book store. Going inside a crowded bookstore with two kids in tow didn't bother me, and because I'm a super sociable person would always make new friends. Moving to the east ten years ago has caused me to not attend, and when I found out that the bookstore in D.C. does ladies night i knew that I couldn't miss it! No matter who entertains going to the bookstore even to just look around, and see what's new is entertainment for me. There's also something about the atmosphere in a store full of women that brings us closer together. I have been living in the east for 10 years now, and no matter how much the staff has changed they always end up hiring friendly people! I love the staff at this bookstore, and everyone who works there is always accommodating. I feel as if I've become even more sociable since moving up here, and because of that I'm not afraid to introduce myself to strangers. Most of them are the same faith as me, and live in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, and even though the two, and a half hour drive isn't that great of a distant to me (it also helps having kids who are big on traveling which eases the commute), I was the only person who drove the furthest to see, and hear the amazing Sandra Turley. 
 I became a fan of Sandra Turley when I found out she played Cosette in Les Miserables. I had no idea that was her until she visited our ward four years ago to share her talent to our Relief Society sisters. It was then when I fell in love with her music. All my girls have a unique singing voice, and they all admire her. It was so nice to have spent a couple of hours with her among other women in the bookstore to hear her sing, eat yummy refreshments, get good deals on products, win door prizes (which i won the book Tattooed Mormon!), and to get to know each other on a personal level.
This is definitely one gal I wouldn't mind hanging around with if i lived closer. She was just a breath of fresh air! 
Sandra brought her sweet daughter Ava, and before the store was closing they sang a duet, "for good" from the broadway musical Wicked. I'm becoming a queen of snapchat, because I also snapchatted a couple of snippets of them singing. Their voices were like angels, and began to get teary-eyed as they were singing. I thought it was pretty cool that we had kids close in age. We got along so well, and felt as if I've known her forever. This is definitely one gal I wouldn't mind hanging around with if i lived closer. She was just a breath of fresh air! Such a sweet heart with so much to share, and her realness in sharing her struggles with depression is impressive. I admire her strength as a mother, and she is truly rich in blessings with her family, and the talent she has in inspiring others with her music. (Something I hope my oldest daughter will do someday!) 

 I so enjoyed being able to spend the weekend in D.C., and to experience ladies night in this corner of the world. There were no big crowds which made it very personal. What a fun evening it was to have gathered among such a great group of women of all ages, and to engage in an evening filled with live singing, genuine laughter, and love! 

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