Friday, April 1, 2016

Thoughts & My Favorite Quotes From General Women's Session.

This past women's conference was absolutely inspirational, and just look at these girls of mine! They are growing up way to fast, and are making me shorter as each year passes! As usual we miss Sierra, and know that she watched it as well! 

I just wanted to voice a few thoughts, and quotes from the talks that really got my attention. In all honesty the words that were spoken was something that I needed to be reminded of, and I know it's something that we all needed to hear. The whole theme on the session seemed to be focused on service. I know that I can always do better when it comes to serving others, and know that I can do more. My prayer is that I hope the Lord is pleased in all that i do in my daily life not only with my community, church, school, and children, but also for myself.

Living in an area where time isn't as valued can cause us to become overwhelmed, stressed, and always hustling, and a bustling. I have to admit living in this part of the country has caused me to be a bit more busy, and even though I'm a stay at home I try to find ways in which I can serve, and when I do it helps me to become more selfless, and loving towards every one. I look back at my life when things were a bit slower while living in Texas, Utah, and especially North Carolina. They say where the weather is warm people are warm, and I'm not going to's so true. There are times when I miss those moments when the kids were little, and life seemed to be handed to me on silver platter, but I am grateful for growth and change. Watching my girls grow up to become such beautiful young women, making decisions on their own tells me that I'm not smothering them too much and that I am doing my best. 

Being a mother, and raising four kids isn't a task for me, and although at times it can by trying with all my girls growing up especially with my firstborn, because let's be real y'all, our firstborn is always the guinea pig. And as much as we try to do the right thing, sometimes it's not the right thing, but in hindsight it is the right thing, but at the end of the day our children must learn from their own experiences for themselves...hoping that they do the right thing. Hope that made sense y'all!  And when you have your second, third, fourth, and so on each child (even if they have a strong personality) truly does become easier, and all the mistakes you did with your first, you pretty much don't repeat them with the others. 

To know that my children are of God gives me more of a will to always be the best mom I can be so that they can all develop into selfless, awesome young women, (and man). The gospel of Jesus Christ helps me gain strength towards that aspect in motherhood, and I'm so grateful for the truth and knowledge that comes from that great book. And it only work, and gives me patience when I make time to read it! 

Every talk was amazing and I wish I could write about every single one, but I'm only going to add a snippet from some of my favorites! 

"May we follow our Savior's example, and His admonition to reach out to others with love." 
-Cheryl Esplin

"Sometimes reaching out is inconvenient. But when we work together in love and unity we can expect heaven's help." 
-Linda K. Burton." 

On this evening before the session started we had at least 25 sisters show up to help make hygiene kits, and tie baby quilts. It was so nice to see everyone serving, and to be together as sisters working together  in unity, and what a sight for sore eyes it was to see that in my relief society. That is the way things should always be! 

"Love is making space in our life for someone else." 
-Neill f. Marriot

And my favorite from Linda K. Burton...

"As we consider the pressing calls of those who need our help, lets' ask ourselves, "what if their story were my story?"

 This quote rings so true, and I know there are many of us who are guilty of this feeling. Put yourself in the person who has reached out to you in your shoes, and wonder how you can ever handle their situation, or even handle it. Love it! 

And my favorite quotes of the evening were by President Henry B. Eyring:

"When our faith in Jesus Christ leads us to qualify for the joy of His forgiveness, we feel a desire to serve other for Him."

"Our désire to serve others is magnified by our gratitude of what the Savior has done for us." 

These words ring so true, and it is my hope that I'm being the best example I can be to my family so that my girls can know that by truly loving others, you must serve others as well. 

Looking forward to General Conference too, and if you want to find out more about it here's a little video you can watch! 

Happy Weekend! 

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