Friday, April 22, 2016

Chelsea's Last Stake Primary Activity.

I count my blessings for my current church callingbecause I get to work with this amazing girl. Not only do I strive to teach her true principles in the home, but at church it's a totally different story. I want her to make sure that she is willing to serve, and do kind things because she wants to, and not because I'm her "mom leader." I'm pleased to say that she really does her best in doing so, and that she is always excited to attend faith in god for girls activities, and to get involved in any way that she can to help herself, and others. She truly is an amazing girl with a lot of potential, and goals to achieve in her future. Especially when it comes to preparing for young women. 

Which she already is. 

Last week we had our yearly stake primary activity, and boy did we have a good turnout. It made me so happy to see a bunch of girls attend. I believe we had over 50! There were stations where they made crowns to put on their head throughout the whole activity. They wrote cards to someone who could use a kind word. It was a perfect theme, and I'm so happy to see that Chelsea sees herself as a "princess" but what I want most of all for her to know is that she is indeed, a beautiful daughter of God. 

She was given a bag of goodies with a mirror, and a manicure set. So simple, and sweet, and there was a quote on the bag which read...

"I have amazing potential
I can make good choices
I can do hard things
I am beautiful 
Inside and out. 
I am of great worth
He has a plan for me
I know who I am.
I am a Daughter of God. "

How true those words are for every young girl in the universe. Every girl is a daughter of God. I, am a daughter of God, and to finally come to the realization that it's true makes me feel that I can handle any hard thing that comes my way because I know. I know who I am, and where I stand with God, and it is my prayer that not only do my children know that, but that every girl in the world knows that. 

It was a bittersweet moment knowing that this would be Chelsea's last stake primary activity to attend, and I'm so grateful that we participated and that I in turn am getting to know the girls that I'm teaching a bit more. 

I can't believe my baby girl is growing up. She sure has a lot to learn, but I think she's a had a pretty good head start seeing that she has had two older sisters who have gone through this program, and it is my hope that she will take every thing that she was taught in faith in god for girls into young women. 

Because young women is going to be a whole other dimension!  

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