Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Day Chelsea Got Braces.

Remember when I took this picture back in November? I never thought that any of my children would ever need braces, but there's a first time for everything, and even though I have good teeth, and feel as if they are in good shape, and never needed braces to have the smile that I have I never thought that my youngest daughter would be needing them. When Chelsea went in for a consultation for braces the look on her face was petrifying. She didn't know what to expect, and neither did I! Luckily we've had one person in our family whose experienced having braces, and Jon put her at ease letting her know all the pro's and cons of having them. She felt a little better, and seemed ready to have them on. 

Well, time passed, and so did Christmas. A new year came, her 11th birthday rushed us by, valentines day, and then finally Easter. I'm grateful that I waited a little longer for her to have them on so that she could enjoy the holidays where she can veg out on some sweets. This girl has a major sweet tooth, and if she has to does have some control. It looks like she's going to be doing a lot of that for the next two years now that she finally has them on! 
She was such a good sport, was so agreeable, and sat calmly with her hands overlapping together while the orthodontist put them on. I didn't realize how time consuming it would be to put those suckers on, but I'm so glad that we picked the right practice and doctor to do the job, and that they took their time in putting them on without hurting her. I was a little nervous about that, but then again I have a strong willed child, and she's a tough cookie. Sweet, but tough. 
When I saw how brave, and unafraid Chelsea was I too became more at ease, and after all the braces were glued on to her teeth she was so excited to pick colors for her rubber bands. Can you guess which colors she chose? The orthodontist looked at me, and said that I was a "good mom" for having her choose her own colors. It took me a while to learn how important it is for our kids to "govern themselves"  but with Chelsea being the third youngest daughter, I feel as if I've "got it down", and that it's important to have our children choose for themselves as to what they want in this life, and when it comes to rubber bands on braces I don't care what color you choose! Fluorescent pink if you will! LOL! 
I ended up leaving Chelsea for about 15 minutes to pick up Noah from school, and when I returned she was done, and was patiently waiting for me in the waiting room. Noah also wanted to take a picture of his "new sister" so I captured a quick pic of them two. We went back to where the doctors were to discuss all the do's and what not to do about braces, and although it sounds pretty easy, it might be a bit of a challenge for Chelsea especially since she loves apples, and carrots! Applesauce, and steamed carrots all the way now baby! And perhaps a lot of ice cream???
My love and appreciation for these ladies was automatic. One thing I noticed about this practice is that it's a personal atmosphere, and these two women are genuinely great with kids. I observed how well the staff was unified, and every time a patient walked in they were just so accommodating. 

Counting my blessings for my dentist of eight years to recommend these doctors because they definitely have the gentle touch at making a child comfortable, and cared for. 
Here's to 12 future orthodontist visits, and two years of wearing metal so that at the end of those years Chelsea's smile will be even more beautiful! 

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