Monday, April 4, 2016

The Academy Of Natural Sciences Museum.

What an inspirational weekend we had with general conference being held, but instead of writing about all the "heavenly moments" I had over the weekend in regards to conference which I'll blog about later, I want to write a bit about the "heavenly moment" I had this past Friday night when we ventured out to Philly to see the temple, but to also have some fun at the academy of natural sciences museum! 

Not only did we have a car full of kids, but we also had my crazy friend Maggie with us, and she had so much fun. I sure do appreciate that girl, and the corkiness she brings into my life. Parking was easy to find, and as we stepped out of the car I noticed our stake president, and his wife along with one of his counselors, and his wife standing on the sidewalk. It was so nice to see their faces, and to see them on a double date was great! I just love our stake presidency. They carry such a unique spirit, and always make us feel loved, and welcomed. As we said our goodbyes we turned towards the corner of the museum, and could see the temple from a distance. To see it lit up with beautiful stained glassed windows means she's ready to take on the world once September comes.
Before we entered the museum we walked the temple grounds. Maggie was ahead of us with the rest of our kids, but paused for a moment to snap this quick pic of Jon, and Chelsea. She keeps saying how she can't wait until she turns 12 so she can go inside the temple to do baptisms. Nine more months girl! 

There were plenty of LDS missionaries giving tours, and it was so great to see the number of people that were taking the tour. I could tell there were nonmembers in the crowd who were checking it out, and certainly hope that their minds are open, and that they will have the desire to learn more about the church, and temple. Refreshments were given before the tour, and they had granite rocks from the temple that you can take home as souvenirs. This made Noah super happy as he is a lover of rocks! Lexie is also a rock collector so she and Noah both picked one out. Chelsea doesn't really collect rocks, but because it's from the temple she went ahead and grabbed one too!
As we were walking I looked up, and told Jon that the circled, stained glass windows on the Philly temple reminded me of the ones on the Salt Lake temple. For a moment I pretended to be in Utah, and it sure brought back a lot of memories of when we got sealed as a family. The Philadelphia temple is already lit with beauty, and those circled stained glass windows are like eyes lighting up with joy looking down at all the people who were there to see her. She's definitely a beauty! 
The museum was super fun for the kids. There are a few museums in Philly to visit, and this is one we hadn't been to so it was nice to go...especially since it was free! 

The kids had such a "roar" being here, and even though Noah was a bit skeptical about being around dinosaurs he realized that it's not like the movie "Night of the Museum", and that the dinosaurs in this museum are not going to come alive like Rexie, and Trixie, and run rapid causing pandemonium, and that they are just displays, and not real!
Such fun kids, and I captured a few moments on my snapchat (r_jorgensen), along with a few photos. I captured these photos with my iPhone, and some of them are pretty grainy, and the lighting inside the museum wasn't the greatest. Seriously need to invest in a camera! Sure miss our old Nikon

// Once again, Jon is reassuring Noah that the dinosaur is not real by putting his hand inside it's mouth! //

// Mandatory picture of Maggie, and I with Bison because we are born, and raised in Texas! //

What a beautiful night it was to have had fun with my sweet family, and friend, and to also see the temple. So looking forward to the open house!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! 

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