Friday, April 8, 2016

General Conference in Washington D.C. '16

General conference gives us the opportunity to think about the things that are on our mind which are in need of nourishment in hopes that we receive answers to our prayers. And at any given moment when we are praying our heart out that through the words of our prophet, and his apostles those answers to our thoughts, and prayers will come. Many of us listen with pure intent with a prayer in our heart hoping that by the end of conference our faith will be restored, and that we can fix the things that need mending. If we are truly focused on that still small voice to the trial, or conflict at hand, and are prepared to listen with an open mind, and heart, I know that it will be given. Answers may come the moment an apostle speaks, or much later when we re-read the talks in the church magazine, or when someone else voices testimony. Turning to the Lord in mighty prayer, and reading the gospel are number one strengthening tools that help guide us in prayer, and manages to keep us on that righteous path. I know that we as a family, and me as an individual are in constant need of prayers. We all are. It's something that is never ending so when general conference arrives that is our perfect moment to have our minds open, and to be attuned with the spirit. 
This year we decided to drive to Washington D.C. temple and watch conference inside the visitor's center. It felt as if I was inside a mini conference center except without the mormon tabernacle choir, and all the leaders sitting in the front with a teleprompter. It was a great experience, and even talked about making this a tradition. Hey, the two and a half hour drive twice a month isn't too bad! We are already talking about coming in the fall, and are already looking forward to it!
While we were there we met some of the nicest senior missionary couples, but this couple was the cream of the crop! Sister Burgon and I instantaneously became the best of friends by the end of the fourth session. Sister Burgon, and her husband are from Utah, and being that my husband is from there, and how we lived there for 10 years it's always nice to converse with anyone who is from there only because we have a lot in common! In a conversation we were having I told her my conversion story, how I met my husband, and how I aspire to go on a church mission with him once our kids are on their own. She encouraged me to keep that goal. We exchanged personal information, and told each other how nice it would be if we were in each other's wards because it's members like her whom we need in our life who are compassionate, welcoming, loving, fun, and super real! Lexie also mentioned how she reminded her of grandma. So fun, and super pleasant! 
Conference this year was very emotional for me, and watching the leaders of our church speak with such love, and devotion trying hard to hold their tears didn't help either! Or maybe it's because I was away from all the troubles of the world, and being inside the conference center visitor's center listening to conference in the auditorium near the temple made for a perfect weekend filled with numerous "heavenly moments." (Thank you  Elder Holland for those words!). To know that I was in a building next door to the temple brought perfect peace to my heart. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland talked about having "heavenly moments" in our lives such as attending a sweet session in the temple, having a spiritual sacrament meeting, or spending time with family in nature, or at the temple. And how we can attain those moments once we enter back into the "real world", and hang onto them? I think that if we remember the feeling we gained in living those precious moments in our life, and know that it comes from Heavenly Father, and constantly do good that we will become stronger into hanging on to those heavenly moments, and to never forget them.

Kent F. Richard talked about serving, and attending the temple often. I whispered to Jon how ironic it was listening to conference inside the visitors center of the temple, and how most of our leaders topics were on temple work! The Lord definitely knows our hearts, and what we long for.  
I love my family, and I'll tell ya that if it wasn't for my soul searching heart, or striving to find that light that would undim the dark world I was surrounded in 23 years ago I would not be standing in this photo, in front of the temple with this sweet family of mine that the Lord has so blessed me with. I have gone through many ups, and downs in my life, and know that there are more to come. I'll never reach perfection, and that's okay. But to understand that I'm worthy enough to know that I'm a pretty good soul, and worthy of God's love is something that brings sure confidence to my well being. I know that if I make "living the gospel" a high priority in my life that I'll be okay. I chose this life, and was willing to accept all the trials that were given to me so I can learn, and spiritually grow. So that I can find the truthfulness of the gospel, marry my husband, and build my family. I chose to allow myself to discern right from wrong, and face all the opposition that would come my way. I chose to follow Christ in the pre-existent world because I was ready to commit to all the things that would come before me in my mortal life. And because I know I'm a daughter of God, and believe in the Savior Jesus Christ, and know that He lives, I will strive to endure to the end until the second coming. So that I become perfect just like Him.

And that is my hope and prayer for my children, and their posterity as well! 

Hope y'all enjoyed conference, and that your weekend is wonderful! 

**You can listen to all the talks here. They were absolutely amazing, and inspirational! Every talk was so needed for my ears! 

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