Friday, April 15, 2016

Philadelphia Zoo Trip!

Oh, how nice it would have been had I had field trips to the zoo, and theme parks when I was a kid. Living here in the east where there is so much to see, and venture out to makes us so grateful to live here, and how fortunate we are to have those opportunities where we can take our kids to explore their surroundings. Especially when it comes to going at a very nice discount thanks to the school district in our area! All of our kids have had a many opportunity to explore so many museums, and sights in Philly throughout their elementary years, and Noah is my last child left in elementary school to be experiencing these fun, and historical moments. I am savoring every moment with this kid, and to see his eyes sparkle bright with a wonder of light as we venture out to the places we go makes me one lucky momma, and again...I have to pinch myself because moments like this are sometimes to good to be true. So happy that Jon was able to have the day off to share in this special day with us, because when it comes to Noah, and every one of our kids, time spent with them is special. 

We've only been to the zoo a few times, but will always remember the first time we came. Noah was two, and we celebrated his second birthday here. The look on his face then, its the same look he had when he came home with the permission slip all excited to tell us about his upcoming zoo trip. He knows I always go so he didn't really ask me, but the minute Jon came home that evening Noah immediately asked, "daddy, do you want to go to my zoo trip with me?" The way he asked him was so sweet, and polite that Jon couldn't say no. Then again, when it comes to time with our children sacrifices are made, and luckily Jon has a job where they don't mind giving him time off as long as it is done in advance! Counting our blessings! 

Here are a few photos chaperoning a couple of kids including our own, and how fun it was to see so many little boys in action trying hard to tell them to walk instead of running towards their favorite attractions. Boys are so fun, and love the energy they have. It motivates me to keep up, and in all honesty Noah is my personal gym right now because with an active kid like him at my age he keeps me on my toes...literally! So lucky to have him! 
  // See what I mean by running...boys will be boys! //
  // Sea turtles were among his favorite. //
 // These boys were in awe with the Boa constrictor! // 
  // Again...these boys are full of wonder and life. Curious at every thing they were seeing. These huge turtles were a major attraction, and to my surprise moved at good pace! //

// and take a gander at these crocodiles! //
 If you're wondering why Noah is holding a paper stick of a pigeon is because there was a moment where a zoo worker released the pigeons to fly for a bit, and enter back into their coop. He then gathered all the children to hold this paper pigeon stick, stand in a circle, and fly around the circle like a pigeon. It was so cute, and fun watching Noah running in the circle as if he was a pigeon. He loves pigeons, and can't get enough of them. And because there is such a vast area of open space in Central park, whenever we go there I have to tell Noah to stop chasing them in the sheeps meadow!   
  //There was even an ant farm which I didn't take any photos of. I think the tarantulas made Noah want to leave this particular exhibit! //
 // Funny how Noah's shirt matches the background! //
 //  He loves birds, and here he is trying to find Dory! //
 //  My "heavenly moment" at the zoo was watching Noah gently petting the goats and sheep as well as brushing their coat of hair. He has such a gentle touch, and obeyed all the rules once we entered in. 
  // Carousels are a blessing when it comes to my kid. Everywhere we go if we see a carousel it is mandatory that he rides it. I also loved the Brazilian music that was playing in the background. That ear to ear smile proves all too well that he loves the carousel!  // 
 // and these blossoms! Oh, boy do I love spring! //
  What luck we had on this day to go to the zoo because it had rained the day before. It was such a beautiful day, and are so looking forward to warmer temperatures! This just gets me soooooo super excited for summer, and to be spending more time with this boy before he becomes a full time first grader, second grader, etc.! 

Have a glorious weekend folks! 

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