Friday, April 29, 2016

Noah's Teddy Bear Pajama Party!

One thing that I found so important in this life in being a mom is the importance of reading to my child. Or in this case, going to a pajama teddy bear party at Noah's school for some games, treats, and story time! Every kindergartner in our school district has this opportunity to attend, and because it all deals with literary you better believe we're going to be there. 

I remember when I went with Chelsea to her pajama party five years ago. Noah was a year old, and I remember that day so vividly. I remember how exhausted I was that day (and that whole year), and how I didn't feel like going, and because Jon was working in sales at the time for AT&T he couldn't make it. I was forced to put on my makeup to cover those dark circles under my eyes (which I still have because they're heredity), and put a smile on my face to make my little girl happy. The things we do for our children right? Well, this time I had all the energy in the world to attend Noah's party, and was smiling the whole night because Noah was having so much fun with his buddies. Then again, I don't have a baby to tend to all day anymore (insert frown face here.) 

All week long Noah kept asking me when his pajama party was, and it's so funny how I was counting the days too. It really helps having this stendig calendar on my wall so I can put sticky notes on the days we have plans, and it makes it easier for the kids to see what's going on, and whenever they ask what's on the agenda for the day, or when event is takin place I'll just say, "look on the calendar." So nice to have that! 
Anyways, back to our pajama party. There were game stations where they had puzzles, and tic tac toe, and one where they made necklaces out of fruit loops, and gummy life savors. He was so proud of his little necklace, and by the time story time began they were gone and all that was left was the string. 
I really enjoyed this evening. I love how the teachers emphasize on how reading is super important, and I can tell how much they love their job as a kindergarten teacher. Their actions when they were reading a story proved all too well that this was fun for them too. I really enjoyed listening to the Very Cranky Bear story. I snapchatted bits and pieces of this evening, and if it's still on my snapchat you can view it at r_jorgensen.
Ms. Mullen, (she's the one behind the camera in the background) was one of the teachers who read, and it was pretty haunting to see her from a distance, and to hear her read as she reminded me of Ms. Welsh who was the one who started this whole Pajama teddy bear party years ago. Shen went all out and would decorated the gym with teddy bears, and lots of books! Three years ago she took her own life due to mental illness, and till this day we are reminded of her vibrant spirit. Noah will never know her now, but luckily Chelsea had the opportunity to hear her stories while she was still living. 
It was such a wonderful evening, and even though the party lasted for half an hour that half an hour was worth spending it with my kid, and getting those treats in the end was a "treat" too! It was such a grand evening, and to see Noah interested in reading even more makes me super happy, and that is one reason why I love attending any event that deals with literacy. 
Have a wonderful weekend folks, and keep on reading! 

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