Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sing, Sing, Sing & Lexie Playing the Piano In A Video.

Since I hardly take pictures of Lexie when it comes to her jazz band competitions I felt it would b suitable to post this picture of her from her homecoming last fall. 

The kids are required to look sharply dressed while performing and I have to say that everyone looked so nice on their most recent competition. They looked extra sharp on this evening partially because it fell on the same night as their prom. 

Last week we finally had the opportunity to finally see Lexie perform and to hear how this years jazz band sounds, and although it's a different group of kids they continue to play well, and I'm very proud at how well Lexie plays the piano. It may not be her forte, because she prefers playing the violin, but loves playing instruments even if it's a big box of wood, and enjoys being a part of the jazz band for her school. 

My favorite piece of the evening was when four of the band members sang "Sing, Sing, Sing" which is originally sung by the New York Voices. Lexie was the accompanist, and everyone sang and played so well! Their energy in singing made me want to get up and do some swing dancing! It was fun to watch their reactions while singing, and could tell that they were having fun singing the song. Lexie was getting into the rhythm of the song while playing the piano, and for a moment had a flashback of when Sierra used to play for the band. Totally Bittersweet. 

It was such a fun evening, and Chelsea and Noah were so happy to finally see their sister in action on the piano, and hearing that song made my evening. I'm a lover of jazz, and hope that each year all the bands in every school district  in the universe never stop playing, and that jazz will never die. 

Here's the video if you'd like to see! 

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