Monday, April 11, 2016

L.E.A.D. Graduation.

Time passes way to quickly, and a lot of changes happen when you have a preteen on your hands. I am so proud of her in all the accomplishments that she has acquired so far throughout her elementary school years. 

I remember when Lexie had her D.A.R.E. graduation, (was that really five years ago!), and even though they've changed the letters from D.A.R.E to L.E.A.D. it's still the same concept, and I'm really grateful for this program. It's a really good program for the kids to prepare them for what's to come ahead of them in middle school, high school, well into their adult life. Reading the words of this decree, and the whole meaning behind it is to basically say no to drugs, and alcohol. It is definitely my hope that this girl...on her own motive, and the kids in her class will strive their very best to handle peer pressure, and just say NO to all that "junk!"
I'm sure with good parenting, and caring school counselors they'll be fine. It is such a wonderful experience to watch Chelsea growing up, and attending this graduation was bittersweet. So grateful for this program, and to have their year end with such positivity, and encouragement from the Mayor, and members of the school board. Letting them know they can be strong, and endure to be drug free, and make wise choices. It was such a fun day for my daughter to be surrounded with her friends, singing songs, and no matter how much she got tired of rehearsing, and reciting the LEAD decree over and over again, she really enjoyed the graduation, and is pretty excited to begin a new chapter this fall being a middle schooler! 

I, on the other hand, can wait! 

Here are a few photos...
 // Officer Jay giving advice, and thanking the kids for all their hard work in making this graduation a success. //
// sorry for the blurry photo of the Mayor! FYI...Saving a zoomed in photo from your snapchat probably isn't the greatest, but he had a lot of encouraging words to say to the future class of 2023. //
// all the fifth graders drew posters for this event, and Chelsea's is at the bottom. // 

One thing i have to mention is that Chelsea is definitely her daddy's girl, and because she thought he was working on this day surprised her by attending. She lit up like a firework when she saw his face in the crowd. She truly is one happy young lady, and adores her pa very much!

What a fun day it was for all of us, and hope that y'all have a wonderful week ahead! 

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