Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Noah-isms in the Spring.

I love, love watching my little boy grow up, and speaking to me as if he's an adult, and listening in on the funniest, and sweetest, sometimes weird conversations he has with his sisters. It's amazing to watch him live life without a care in the world. Something I wish I could go back to, and do, and no matter what negative or dark thing he might see, and hear...he's always smiling. Skipping, singing and humming under his breath like there's no one watching, and those are some of things I love to see, and hear him do. It tells me that he is one happy kid built with so much confidence, a little too much I might add, and that he is ready to take charge of what the world brings. 

Here are a few sweet, funny, quirky things he has said or done as of late....

Noah loves anything and everything that comes from the ground. Rocks, sticks, bugs, and flowers. While at the temple to attend general conference recently we decided to walk along the temple grounds, and to my surprise gave  me a flower. Although I appreciated the sweet gesture I told him that we don't pick flowers from the temple grounds. His response to me, "Why?"

He's getting better at reading and spelling, but still thinks that the number ONE begins with the letter W!  "It's Wooooooonn mom with a w not an O." He'll get it eventually! 

His favorite saying right now, "Are you kidding me?"

I was Noah's substitute teacher at church this past sunday, and after it was over all he kept saying was, "my mom was my teacher. my mom was my teacher!" LOL! He sure does love me! 

Whenever we go to the store I've made it a habit to telling Noah that if he wants me to buy something I have to "think about it." Well, every time we go to the store now Noah will be browsing around the toy section, and will say how he likes this book, or that toy, and then will say to me, "want to think about it mom?" I usually end up not getting it for him in case y'all wanted to know! 

Whenever he drinks from his water bottle he'll say, "My water bottle just farted." Me: "How in the world does it do that?" Noah: "Because of the bubbles in the water mom."

After watching Batman Vs. Superman one spring break he gets in the car and immediately starts asking when Halloween is. I told him not for another six months. His sisters asked him what he wanted to be and he said, "I want to be batman, superman, spiderman, a very strong man!"

There's a lot more things that he says that are off the wall funny, but I just don't bother to jot them down. There are some things he'll say that are just meant for my ears, and at that given moment I take it all in without having to pen them down! 

Happy Wednesday!  

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