Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Noah Lately.

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The other day on my way to driving Jon to work I lamented how quickly this year is flying by, and how Noah is growing up. Growing up as in getting taller! I noticed his height after he got out of the bath last night, and asked me if I can clean his ears, and help him comb his hair. He was standing next to me while sitting in front of the computer. We were both at the same level, and could see eye to eye! I remember when he started school last fall that I could still look down at him while sitting on the chair, but now our eyes meet, and mentioned to him how he could possibly be tall just like his papa! His response was, "I'm going to be tall like my papa?" I said, "at the rate you're going you probably will be!" He began jumping up and down! 

With school coming close to an end (I can't believe we have 33 days of school left!) I have to say that mornings are my favorite, and I am making them count with this little guy because next year he'll be in full time first grade! What?? I absolutely am loving this time with him, and even though there are times when he entertains himself, I love it when he calls out to me, and says, "I want my mama to lay down with me some more. Come here mommy." Or, "mommy come color with me." I also love it when he gets creative with his legos, and his favorite thing lately has been drawing and painting. 
I just love it when he sits at the kitchen table with his art supplies strewn around the table pursing his lips because he wants that spider centered perfectly on his drawing of spiderman. Another favorite thing he's been using a lot of lately is scissors! His love for scissors is ridiculous! After he used up all his pages in his sketch pad, he moved on to Chelsea's sketch pad, and after he took out more pages than she wanted him to went into our cabinet where we have our copy paper, grabbed a few sheets, and began drawing transformer figures, ninjas, and yes...even spidermen. 
He will color, and cut them out, and then lay them on the floor, and have them save the world on the little town he created on the rug. Quite the imagination huh? His shooting noises, and the way he says, "save me, save me" are even louder, and he's just the sweetest little boy using all of his cut out paper dolls to be superheroes in saving his made up little world. 

When I saw this cool looking coloring book that read, "Color with Mom" I knew I had to buy it, and so lately we've been coloring a page every morning. When we are done with our coloring page, he'll then want to pull out the paint, or simple play with his toys which will also allow me to clean up the kitchen after feeding him breakfast, and doing a load of laundry because seriously...that laundry never ends!! Even with one child not living here I still have endless laundry! So having him occupied for at least 30 minutes of the morning helps me to tidy up a bit. Still...I'd rather do all that stuff while he's in school instead of wasting my extra time with him. He's so not a handful, and such an easy going kid which is probably why I have loved being at home with him all these years!

I really enjoy these moments, and watching him enjoying himself by using his imagination with being creative with legos as well as developing a talent in art, and that makes me so happy. Our television is on it's last leg, and in all honesty don't care if we ever own a tv again. It's so nice not having too much entertainment in the house that deals with technology. I love that all my kids would rather read, draw, go outside, play piano, and do art as opposed to watching television. I just want to cherish all the moments with them while they're still young and in the house, especially while Noah is still little. 

...and maybe every once in a while pop in a dvd on the mac and watch spiderman! 

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