Friday, October 21, 2016

A Reflection Of Heaven.

Throughout my years of being a member of the LDS church, and turning over a new leaf in learning about Christ's life, and growing spiritually is that I think we often err when we plead to the Lord to take any kind of temptation, and trial away from us. But one thing I've seriously learned about living this life is that there must be opposition in all things.
Because without that there would be zero growth. So every time I'm faced with any hard situation I plead to God to help me withstand that trial (whether big or small), and to let it strengthen me instead of wishing it away, or weakening me. 

Each day I am faced with some kind of adversity. Whether it's something someone said, or the way they said it. I'll tell ya Satan can really attack us even with the smallest of things. And some of it is so petty. Frustration, hurt, or stress, catty fights with a family member. So unnecessary, and not worth stooping to such level. He knows that if he can't get us with the weaknesses we once had before, he slithers around other ways. He can attack us in a way to hurt others we love such as our friends and family. That's why I pray for God to help me get through a certain situation without letting it fester, or lowering my standards. 

And instead of satan scoffing at us because we seem to be getting close to that "large and spacious building" we can turn it around and be strong. We can allow those trials to strengthen us so that we can help strengthen others. And rather than pointing fingers, or thriving off on those who are suffering in agony and defeat, to help uplift them, and not bring them down. 

That's why I am grateful for temples, and for the promises I've made in the temple. It took me a long time to get there, and because I know the significance of the temple helps me to want to honor those promises, and do better as a person, parent, wife, and friend. It's not easy, but by constantly praying, reading the scriptures, serving, and attending the temple (like a lot) can make life a lot easier, happier, and help us to tolerate any kind of drama that lands on your lap! But most of all, to go that extra mile in loving and serving others without questions asked.

Last week I attended a church conference in Scotch Plains with my friend Maggie, and all the speakers at that conference gave amazing talks. One in particular talked about how we are all sinners, and that we can always repent. 

For me, repenting is definitely something I almost need to do on a daily basis. Whether it's because i grew impatient at the self check out line, made a face at the person who cut me off on the expressway, or scolding my youngest daughter for forgetting to take out the trash after telling her like three times! I know these things may seem minor to some, but they are a pretty big deal to me. 

I feel as if I've come a long way in progressing to living a Christian life, and although I'll never be perfect, I know I can always try. And when I find in difficult to deal with hardcore issues I leave it up to Him, and know that He is always there as my guidepost. I just have to let Him in.

Each day I strive to be better. To be kind, and understanding. To be more patient with my kids when they do something petty. To bite my tongue with those who may say, or do something hurtful, and to understand that even tweens have bad days, hence forgetting to do their chore. 

I'm so glad that I went to conference with Maggie in her area, and that we both sat and pondered on the things that were said by a wonderful teacher. Because I needed to hear it. I always need to be reminded of the purpose of why we are here. I left feeling rejuvenated with more knowledge, and a clearer understanding that repentance is something that is good, and that we can apply in our daily lives. I definitely gained a broader perspective on things. 

I love the life I'm living and for the trials I've had, and continue to have. Sure it can be hard while their happening, but with prayer, and knowing that we have temples surrounding us to keep us focused and grounded helps make my sometimes chaotic life a bit easier, and to find peace within that trial.

Temples are a reflection of heaven. My sanctuary, and refuge for all the aforementioned things i wrote. The world indeed is a beautiful place when we do things that are pleasing to our soul.  
And that is one way that we can make our own little heaven on earth.  

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