Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mum Picking!

Fall is definitely shaping up to be the best season ever! I absolutely love this time of year, and it seems that we have an indian summer going on which i don't mind in the least. Going on drives with the windows rolled down giving it the perfect breeze means you no longer need to turn the a/c on. It has been quite an adventure exploring more of the garden state in our area, and believe me when I say garden because in my neck of the woods that's all I see! Miles and miles of farmland, corn stalks, and fields of green. The fall season is so colorful, and because it doesn't last very long are going to take full advantage of venturing out, and enjoying the colors of fall as they quickly change. 

Because my porch is looking a bit bare these days we decided to give it a little color, and decided to go mum picking. There are so many nursery gardens in the country, and we decided to stop by the prettiest. All mums look the same and because the prices were equal decided to stop at this particular nursery, and the kids picked out the perfect mums, and I have to say... I was very pleased. 
We hung around for a while and even though I told them they can choose I was still a bit selective with the mums they were picking. The kids decided on tricolored mums which at first weren't pleasing to my eye, but then grew on me within minutes. I mean...just look at all the colors! Absolutely stunning!
Noah noticed a few wagons, and wanted to grab one to carry the mums in. He was so happy to be pulling it. Poor kid...I deprived him of one when he was a toddler! 
And how about these warted pumpkins! I asked Noah if he wanted to grab a few to take home, and he gave me an emphatic no! he said they were ugly! Also...I can't believe how grown he looks in this photo compared to this one I posted years ago! My baby is getting big y'all! Just like these pumpkins! 
I literally wanted to buy every flower known to man in this nursery, but had to control myself. We came here specifically for mums, and that's all that I left with. MUMS!
Alex, who owns this nursery with his wife kindly took this photo. He truly is the nicest guy, and this nursery is absolutely worth going to. I can tell it has a woman's touch because of how the gift shop inside the barn is decorated! We had so much fun mum picking, and as always wish that Jon and Sierra could join us in our outings. 

Happy fall y'all, and enjoy it while it lasts! 

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