Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bike Riding in Autumn.

Autumn feels like the perfect time to learn how to ride a bike without breaking into a massive sweat and so yesterday we took advantage of the autumn weather, and decided to go to the park to take Noah on a test drive in riding his bike.

We bought him a bike back in July and he hasn't really gotten the chance to ride it. We had a very hot summer and didn't want to teach him riding in 100 degree weather ,and being that autumn is still hanging around felt like the perfect time to teach him. 
Although we were at a park, I  had a Kramer vs. Kramer moment without the Central park scenery as I was behind Noah while he was learning to ride. 
We obviously tried teaching him to ride it without training wheels but to avail. We definitely need to put training wheels on this thing before he can become a pro at it! I wish Lexie could have captured that moment in a video of him riding for like two seconds before teetering, and steering it in the wrong direction causing him to tilt over. Luckily I was behind him watching his every move.
After a while he grew tired, and because we were at a park in which they had a merry go round decided to go around and around until he and Chelsea got dizzy. 
We also had ourselves a bit of a leaf war, and walked along the walking trail. We are so lucky to have discovered yet another park nearby with a vast expanse of land. We also saw deer in the nearby woods where we stood quiet so that we can capture a shot but because Noah was whispering out loud scared them off. The sun was going down way too fast which made the weather a lot colder, and so we headed home. These kids could have played all evening long! 
Autumn moments like this in October are too perfect to pass up especially after having a long week of school which in my case goes by way too fast for me. These kids sure need to let their wiggles out, and climbing a tree always rejuvenates Noah.

Love these kids so much and just as time went by too quickly with Sierra so is the time spent with these three. 
And I am taking advantage of every free time they get to have fun with them! 
It definitely was a good day! 
Happy Weekend everyone! 

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