Monday, October 17, 2016

Love My Team of Readers!

One of our favorite things to do when we move to a new area, and to relieve us from any type of boredom which seems to be rare these days because of school being in session along with piano lessons, and other extracurricular activities is going on the prowl to hunt for bookstores. This is one thing that we all absolutely love to do!
So one day as I was running errands i spotted a bookstore in Hamilton. I immediately parked, and got out of the car to check it out. It was closed, but as i was window peeping I spotted a few books that have been on my "to buy for sure" "to check out" and "to buy if I like" lists. I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell Lexie so we can make a point to go back when they're open. I have to admit that out of all the kids that absolutely, faithfully, always, always has a book in her hand, bag, or pocket is Lexie. Hands down. She truly is the biggest reader in the family. I had mentioned to her that once she begins college that she wouldn't have time to read, and you know what she said? She said, "I'm going to make the time to read!" So on the day we went Noah kept asking to go to the library, but when I told him about this bookstore I found he was like, "well what are we waiting for, let's go!" 

We all got down, and can I just tell you how cozy, and dreamy this quaint little bookstore is. Granted the books are all over the place, but in order, and according to genre. Still...the only room that I don't mind being messy is a room, building, or a house full of books!
There was a place in the corner where you can read silently, and Noah immediately grabbed a book, and made himself at home. I think the pillows added a cozy touch to one feeling comfortable! 
Right now he is in the transformer phase, and also loves anything Marvel. Chelsea, and Lexie roamed around the books stacks looking for the genres they love. They would pause, and stand to read a snippet from a few books that caught their interest, and found a few.
Lexie found quite a few books that peaked her interest, and started to read. One thing about this girl, and I think I've already mentioned this is that she can literally read the Harry Potter Series in week, and lately she has been re-reading the City of Bones series lately. We finally found the fourth book with the original cover. She's old school like me, and if we buy books we attempt to find the ones with the original cover. 

I remember how Sierra was into the whole twilight book series, and maybe it was because it was such a cult following five years ago, but in a way am grateful that these girls aren't into the Twilight series. I know it was a cool series and all, but those books didn't, and still don't interest them. In all honesty I'd rather watch the movies, and would rather read The Selection series. 
I could have easily spent so much money here, but luckily spent about 30 bucks for seven books, and that was good enough for me. So worth it when you have a team of readers. 

Love these kids so much, and the fact that they love to read, and appreciate books motivates me to continue to make the time to read good books that will teach me, and help me to learn more. Or in Chelsea's case, expand her vocabulary!

Have a wonderful week, and happy reading to everyone! 

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