Monday, October 31, 2016

A Trunk Or Treat in Princeton.

This years trunk or treat in our new area, and church was a huge success! I couldn't believe how many kids, and people attended! Almost every car, and van was decorated, and it made me so happy, and grateful to be in a place where there were so many people, especially the youth having a ton of fun, laughing and having a grand time! It goes to show that we are never too old to dress up as there were a lot of older youth, and adults all decked out in elaborate costumes!
So fun to have seen the costumes the kids were wearing. I didn't capture too many photos of the decorated cars, because I was too enthralled observing the costumes of the kids. 
This is Curtis and he, and Noah immediately developed a bond when we first moved in. They are both marvel fans, and every time Noah sees Curt he calls him batman! Tonight, curtis was the crazy dark knight! 
Even the sister missionaries were decked out with little witches hats and striped tights in which Lexie managed to cut off our feet! Ha Ha! Love these girls! 
And Colonel Sanders! 
Little superheroes, a princess, and brides of Frankenstein! 
So thankful to be here in our new area, and to have some amazing kids including some awesome adults in our congregation!We have truly enjoyed meeting almost everyone, and have felt extremely welcomed! The kids have especially felt welcomed, and loved by their peers, and all these kids are pretty great! 

Hope everyone has a safe, and happy halloween! 

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