Monday, October 24, 2016

Leaf Peeping in the Catskill Mountains.

There is nothing more beautiful in the fall than going for a drive down the Hudson Valley with our family. The two and half hour drive to the Catskill mountains to take a train ride put a smile on our little boy's face. He was sick for almost four days, and the look on his face when he saw a red train was priceless. He had no idea what were going to do. All he knew was that we were all going to go for a drive to go leaf peeping by car, not by train. 

This past weekend we did the Catskills Mountain Railroad where you can stand in an open car and go leaf peeping. This is a dream for any kid who has a love for trains, or love for nature! This was the perfect time to go being that it wasn't crowded. I think the rain prevented people from coming, and that was fine by us. With hardly anyone on the open train I took advantage of capturing many shots of my family while passing by the most beautiful fall foliage! This by far was the best train ride we've ever had hands down, and Noah was super pleased with the outcome. You can see a five second video of a bit of our train ride from my insta stories here.
The train ride lasted about an hour with a pit stop at the railroad museum store. Very interesting to have read about this place, and how cargo was transferred back in the day. I loved how I wasn't rushed, and how this day was spent. I can't believe how vibrant the fall foliage is in this part of New York. Autumn is definitely  in full swing here, and absolutely love it! Besides driving through the quaint villages of New England, driving through the Hudson Valley has become our favorite part of the county to drive in the fall. 

And you can see why. 
 Noah's eyes were wide open as we passed by some old train cars. 
I'm telling you this kid was in heaven while riding this train surrounded by all this beauty! 
 Lexie couldn't get over how close she was to touching the colors of autumn! She was having way too much fun! 
I also love this shot of her! 
Noah is becoming a pro at being a photobomber! We don't mind cause he's too cute not to be pictured! 
My crazy girls! All that is missing is our sweet Sierra! 
And an obligatory photo of these cute kids all alone in the train car.
And a mandatory selfie of this cute kid of ours who is such a good sport! Can't believe he's going to be seven in a couple of weeks! 
We had such an amazing time! On top of all the fun things we have done in the past, this is at the top of the list because, hello fall! We love this season, and wish it lasts just a little while longer. I don't mind winter, but autumn can hang around as long as she wants! 

Hope your weekend was wonderful! 

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