Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference in D.C.- Fall '16

Is it me or was General conference mega-inspiring this year. Maybe i found it inspiring because I have kids who are growing older by the minute which means I'm getting up there in age. 45 isn't old but my goodness when you reach a certain age, and you have an adult daughter on her own striving to live a good life it doesn't get any easier. However, as a parent life without Sierra living close to me becomes easier when I leave it up to God. When I kneel down in prayer asking Him to guide her in doing the very best she can in all she does, and how she lives I know that is all I can do. And that goes for the rest of my children. 

There were so many wonderful talks given during these sessions, and so much to write about, and because we have our church magazine and the internet to read all about conference I won't share too much about what was said, but I will share my testimony, and some thoughts on conference. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is an amazing tool, and key to helping us navigate our day to day in the most righteous way possible, but it is not a guarantee to a life without trials, and heartache. But I know this...when I read the scriptures faithfully, and I mean faithfully without missing a day it truly does bring me peace. I see a difference in me when I don't read them, or when I have read them in a manner that seemed too quick because I was rushing out the door to start my day. Like I said, when i find myself seriously delving in heartfelt prayer and scripture study my actions for that day will be easy peasy. It will help me fight road rage, not yell at my kids, and be super kind to even the most rudest person. Knowing that I have that tool to welcome me every day assures me that I have the choice to make it better. I just have to make a choice in making it a priority. It gives me hope that my future can be a lot brighter than my faith if i just endure to the end, and believe that no matter how hard life can get all will be well. 

I love general conference. I look forward to it every six months, and hope that in between those six months that I will carry with me everything that was said. That I won't forget, but remember the words that were shared with love and concern for us. 

I love my family. I love the gospel, and the nourishment that feeds my soul when I seriously take in what I read that day. It strengthens my testimony, and gives me confidence to know that i can do hard things. That I can handle every dead end, detour, and snags that I run into. I love the excitement I feel when I attend my church meetings. I never want to feel "dead" or feel that I'm "past feeling" when it comes to the gospel, and attending church. I never want to grow weary of fellowshipping, and learning the teachings of the doctrine. I love attending church not only to fellowship, but to grow spiritually in Christ. And that is what conference does to my heart. It helps me look at all my imperfections to better them. 

All the talks super amazing, but this one really spoke to me... 
Elder Nattress shared an experience as a boy about how he and his brother would have their mother reading the scriptures to them at breakfast, and how he honestly said to her that he wasn't listening. His voice shook up as he was telling us his story which showed me that he was grateful for that experience, and because of his mother telling him "she's never going to lose him by reading the scriptures to him every day" warmed my heart, and gave me hope that if I do the same thing I will be blessed. I loved his story, and he spoke about teaching our children the gospel. I sure hope I 'm doing my best in teaching all my kids correctly. Especially Noah. He'll be seven in a month, and this is the time where things are really beginning to stick with him where he will begin to develop a lot of knowledge. Although he tells me that he loves Jesus, the book of mormon, and the temples he can become a bit weary at times when it comes to sitting at conference (thank goodness for those conference packets, colored pencils, and plain paper!) I know six is still a young age to develop a testimony of the gospel on his own, but I know that if i continue to teach him correctly to read the scriptures that in his own time, at an older age that he will know for a surety that the gospel is true. And same goes for the rest of my crew. 

And last, but not least President Thomas S. Monson's talk warmed my heart. Even though he spoke for a brief moment his words were simple, and filled with kindness, caring, and love. He wants us to be happy, and have joy in this life. He admonished us in having a strong love for the Lord, to believe in Him, and his gospel, and to just improve ourselves into being better. To keep our bodies clean in obeying the word of wisdom. Although these things sound simple require a great deal of commitment to conquer, but the blessings that come from doing so are unimaginable! What a loving prophet we have, and I'm so grateful for his guidance and direction.  

So much insight in eight hours for two days, and I simply didn't want it to end. I see a light in my family before, during, and after we attend conference. Granted there are some hiccups in the beginning because I know that Satan doesn't want us to be happy, but we never let him win. In the end, we just leave even more stronger, happier, and joyful than we were before. 

We are so grateful for the temples that are built upon this earth for us to go to, and watching it at the visitors center in D.C. is always a fun experience! 
Here's to keeping the "heavenly moment" we just had during conference to last us until next spring! To listen to the all of conference you can log onto!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! 

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