Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Noah-isms. End Of Summer Edition.

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago way before fall began, but time slipped away from my little fingers. Now that we are two weeks into autumn I figured I'd post this anyway.

Noah is going to be seven next month, and can't believe how quickly time is flying by! He continues to say the funniest, and sweetest things, and can't get enough of this kid! I love him so much! Here's what he's been saying since summer ended...

Every time we walk into a store Noah wants to look at the toy section, and browse around. He knows that I don't give in to buying toys unless it's a special occasion. I also told him that he is growing up too fast, and how he needed to stop growing. He then said, "mom, I have to get older so I can have my birthday and you can buy me a toy!"

We were shopping for bunk beds at Ikea one day, and he and Chelsea decided to sit on the bottom of one. All of a sudden I heard them laughing so hard, and I was like, "what's so funny?" Noah then said, "whoopsie! Sorry! We are not getting this one! Apparently he passed gas, and smelled the sheet afterwards! You had to be there to find it funny. 

Oh, the life of a six year old boy who already knows that his sisters, and mother have, you know, that time of the month.  It doesn't help when we all discuss our cycles, and going to Costco to stock up on sanitary napkins, tampons, or as noah calls them, "girl things." Well, one day one of his sisters got hers, and when that happened Noah wasn't feeling well. He said to his sister, "you got your period, and my belly hurts." That's the same thing right? His sister was like, "ummm no, your belly hurts in a way that is sooooooo different from mine!"

One day I was craving pizza, and was telling Lexie how we should start making it. I was describing how to make it, and saying things like making the dough, spreading the sauce, and adding our own toppings, and ended by singing the phrase from patty cake, "and put it in the oven for baby, and me! " Noah said, "that's cake mom, not pizza."

So this summer has been incessantly hot, and because our house is super old, and has no central air we were dealing with fans. Luckily a friend offered us to use their portable A/C, and it has been such a blessing! It's so cool because we can just move it around from room to room. Thing is that it gets super cold, and one day Noah woke up with the sniffles. He then said, "turn off the A/C, I'm allergic." 

Lexie told me the funniest story about Noah. One morning Noah woke up super early, and went into her room to wake her up, and so the short story goes, Noah: "Lexie, wake up. Are you awake?" Lexie: "no, noah, I'm not." Noah: "yes you are. You're talking to me aren't you? So that means your awake." 

And I'll end with one of my favorite Noah-isms of all summer long. 
As you know we've been frequenting the temple quite a bit, and the last time we went to D.C. the girls were mentioning which temple they wanted to get married in. When we asked Noah which temple he said, "the D.C. one mom. But....who's going to love me when I get married in the temple?" When he said that it got me half happy, and half sad. Happy because he really loves the temple, and even at a young age has a goal to marry in one, and kind of sad because what child says that! "who's going to love me?" Not that he's insecure, but he is six, and growing up way too quickly. Whatever the reason was as to why he said that, as a mother, and teacher I will make sure he knows that he's always loved, and that someone will love him, and will be happy to marry him in the temple.

Love my little boy who's growing up! 

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