Monday, October 10, 2016

Hartford Connecticut Temple Open House.

How incredibly blessed we are to have more temples in the east coast. It's not Utah, but having six temples in a proximity where you can drive anywhere form one, two, three, or even six hours to attend one is good enough for me! It most definitely has been a miraculous year of temple building here in the east as well as the west coast, and to have attended two open houses is indeed a miracle not only for me, but for my children as well.
This past weekend we attended the open house in Hartford, Connecticut and oh my goodness this temple is absolutely exquisite! It is beautiful, and totally reflects the New England culture. It is quaint, and old fashioned, and I love the lampposts that stand outside the temple as well as the one hanging in front as you enter in. Again, we are not allowed to take pictures inside, but being the avid art lover that I am observed every single painting that was hanging on the walls, and noticed that there were two that were duplicates as the ones being hung in the Philadelphia temple. Not sure which one has the original, but it was pretty neat to see similar pictures of Christ, and to have had a deja vu moment. 

I captured a few moments outside the temple of my sweet family, and only wish Sierra could have joined in on this moment. I'm grateful that she has had opportunities to attend a few open houses in Utah such as the Payson, and City Center. 

I love the mums that are planted outside the temple. My favorite plant and so New England! 

Jon's twin. I swear she's looking more, and more like him each day. She'll definitely be tall like him too!  

I'm so grateful to have made the time to come out and experience yet another temple open house. This is so important to me, and taking the kids for them to see how special temples are is important to us. I want them to know that this a special place where they can come to feel peace, and perform ordinances for their ancestors. To know that doing their work is the utmost important thing they can do for our loved ones who have passed on. To know that when they are old enough to go through that this is a place where they can escape from the world, reflect on the Lord's blessings, be strengthened, feel peace, and become hopeful again. 
Counting my blessings to know that this guy is mine for all eternity. We love the temple, and appreicate it. The temple truly is a reflection of heaven, and a place to go where I will always, always find peace. 
I love my family, and shutter to think of how life would be without them for eternity. Like Elder Holland said, "I don't know how to speak about heaven in the traditional, lovely, paradisiacal beauty that we speak of heaven. I wouldn't know how to speak of heaven without my wife, or children. That would not be heaven for me." 

And just like Elder Holland I cannot imagine heaven without Jon, or our children. No matter how much we may disagree, yell, and have spats I love my family, and cannot imagine eternity without them! 

**The open house is until October 22 so if you live in the east, or are planning a 'New England fall trip' please come. It is free, and such a beautiful place to be! You can reserve tickets here if interested! 

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