Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkin Picking At Castle Hill Farm.

It's funny how seasons can really change someones mood, and turn you into whole different person. When summer ended I was a little sad, but at the same time was looking forward to fall only because this past summer was scorching hot. I have to say that fall is definitely my favorite season, and only wish that it could last longer than the other seasons.
I love venturing out to different orchards, farms, and pumpkin patches. There is no way i can stay loyal to one. I love going on long drives to see the colorful leaves, especially when one drives further north. The leaves are absolutely beautiful! New Jersey foliage compared to New England foliage is more vibrant in color, and one of the reasons why we love taking so many trips up there in the fall. 

After going to the temple open house in Hartford we decided to kill two birds with one stone, and do a little pumpkin picking. There are so many farms in New England, and so we decided to explore the Castle Hill Farm this year.

Although their pumpkins seemed to be a little picked over we managed to grab a few good ones. We also went on a hayride, and wanted to do the corn maze, but because there was a baby shower that evening closed up early! Bummer! Guess we will have to go to another farm for that! Anyway, we had such a great time, and as always managed to take a few photos of our afternoon at the pumpkin patch! 

Chelsea wasn't too thrilled at the fact that she put her face in the circle at the end of the cow's butt! 

Each year Noah becomes more, and more independent, and it really doesn't surprise me. His sisters were the same way at that age. Except that he's a boy, and boys are totally different! He wanted to push this wheelbarrow, and pick out his own pumpkin which he did, but needed a little help from mama! 
All of our kids really enjoy these outings like this as a family. It is so bonding, and I just love it so much! The fact that I didn't do anything like this growing up at all makes me want to do even more with my kids. I love having adventures like this so they can remember even the little things such as going on a hayride. This day was too perfect, and I have to say the highlight of the kids evening was the hayride because Noah, Chelsea, and even Lexie were so excited to have fed a cow! 

The driver of the tractor gave us some hay and mentioned to us that we could feed the cows, and they had so much fun doing that! I had a story on my instagram about that, but is now erased so if you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you'll be able to see more of my stories there. 
I had too much fun watching Noah feeding the cow, and his laugh is so cute. He was giggling the whole time, and was having way too much fun feeding "Loretta." He was a bit timid at first thinking that Loretta was going to bite off his hand, but after seeing his sisters feeding her felt safe doing it. 
As a mother, it was the sweetest sight seeing a little boy happy doing something so simple as feeding a cow, sheep, and a couple of goats. 
Totally priceless! 

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