Thursday, June 22, 2017

On The Second Day of Summer...

We decided to drive to the town of Cranbury where the kids had a gift card to redeem at Gil and Berts Ice cream shop (thank you Michelle!). The weather was just too gorgeous to stay indoors to do a Harry Potter marathon. We'll save that for a rainy day which I'm sure will come again! I shared snippets of videos on my Instagram so if you follow me you can check them out before they disappear. This day was at its best with blue skies, and bright sun shining all around! 

Since Lexie ended up flying out a day early it was just me with these two. Apparently her flight to Utah was last night, and not today, and thought we'd have one more day with her, but for the next two weeks while Jon is at work I'll be with these two trying my best to fulfill Noah's summer bucket list as well as making our days of summer simple, and fun as possible! 
We did have pizza before ice cream, and I have to tell you they are both so, so good! Noah was in heaven when he was eating it. He said that Cranbury pizza reminded him of New York pizza which in a way I agree. So with that being written, I will definitely drive the short distance to chill, and chow down on this pizza, and ice cream! Just as Chelsea is doing in this photo! 
Chelsea and I decided to wear our ice cream t-shirts. It seemed fitting, and it was fun twinning with her for the day! Haven't done that since my girls were toddlers!! 
We walked around afterwards all around the town enjoying the still quietness of summer. We saw a couple of kids fishing which Noah was in awe with. He wants to go fishing now, and mentioned to me to add that to his summer list! We stopped along the river to catch our breath and took in the moment by just standing still listening to the water run through the gutter. It truly was a serene spot. Small towns away from the city are super quiet and although I'm used to city noise it's nice to get away, and drive to unknown places where nature is hidden in small pockets that are surrounded by rushing water, bushels of flowers,  birds chirping, and the wind blowing all around. 
We ended the day going to Village park where Noah met a little friend. They had so much fun playing around the park. 
It truly was a simple, perfect day, and as usual cherished these moments with my kiddos. 
I hope y'all are enjoying your summer so far even in the middle of this heat in hopes that we will always appreciate the little things, and all that simplicity has to give when it comes to outings with your children! 

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