Monday, August 15, 2011

An impromptu dinner

I don't know the feeling of how one feels after returning back to visit their mission where they once served. 
I can only imagine having a wonderful feeling of fulfillment.
After today...I felt as if Sister Barton (Becky) never left.

Becky let me know a month prior that she was visiting our ward on the 14th. It was 11:30a.m. and sacrament meeting was about to begin. I wasn't sure if she was still coming. Then I turned and noticed her sitting in the back alongside three unfamiliar faces. She was with her family.

After Relief Society was over she asked if she could come over to visit with our family. Of course I said YES and ended up inviting the whole clan over for dinner.

There was lots and lots of entertainment including Lexie playing her violin and Sierra playing and singing a few of her songs on the piano. Becky wanted to watch her in person instead of listening to her on YouTube or Facebook. Sierra obliged and felt like someone famous!  Laughter filled up our house and it was an amazing feeling. We do have fun in our house when it's just the six of us, but we still miss having extended family around. Today it felt as if we did have family, and

we enjoyed every minute of it! 

Besides the full- time missionaries, we rarely have anyone over at our house for dinner. I need to entertain and host more parties at our house. I realized that a smaller house with a small kitchen really brings out the best in people, and our true colors come out. Even though I met her family that day...we instantly felt like kin. 

Becky fiddled a little on Lexie's violin. She obviously has a hidden talent that we didn't know about. She played really well, and Lexie said she would like to fiddle like her someday!
Becky's friend Celeste was hilarious and we really enjoyed her company. She was trying to teach Chelsea how to swing dance.

Chelsea is fearless and she will try anything!

Here she is about to be flipped over by Celeste!
Chelsea seemed to be the center of attention that evening. 
She became instant buddies with The Brother's Barton.

Chelsea has been writing to her since the day she went home last summer. She is her best friend and still says she is her favorite missionary. I still can't believe it's been a year since Becky's been home. It sure was nice to have her back in our area visiting and meeting her family was a riot!
We feel really blessed to have known such a wonderful sister missionary and to have met her family. I am lucky to have her in my life and to know that our list of family and friends living in Utah continues to prosper. It is also nice to know that no matter where we've lived we've always managed to meet people who are like family...and that is what makes any move easy!

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