Saturday, August 20, 2011

For the love of corn dogs

Last week consisted of endless laundry and mopping on the hardwood floor due to Noah's unfortunate introduction with vomit. It was a long night taking care of him. This happened off and on for three days, and after it was all out of his system...his appetite was lost. Not anymore! He's been eating a lot lately, and I believe he's also going through a growth spurt.

Noah loves corn dogs. I know it's not good to eat them all the time, but if it's from Nathan's Famous...
I'll let it slide-plus they are DELISH!

We all love corn dogs, but Noah eats them more than any of us. I know I should probably feed him more healthier foods, but he loves corn dogs for lunch and dinner! 
We are slowly trying to change his eating habits, and only have him eating a couple of corn dogs a week. He'll be two years old soon, and he needs to eat more nutritious foods for lunch. You always tend to spoil the ones you love...especially your youngest one~

I know I do.

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