Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Day you lost one of your two front teeth

A couple of days ago Chelsea finally lost one of her two front teeth. She was jumping up and down joyfully when it finally happened! For the past two weeks she had been complaining of spitting blood while brushing her teeth, and how her tooth would hurt when she tried to chew any kind of meat. It was a travesty not being able to finish her bag of doritos because trying to eat on one side of the mouth  was hard. She was also afraid of her tooth falling out in the process while eating and accidentally swallowing it.

There was even an incident where she quietly went into the bathroom to try to pull it out herself. My husband went in to go check on her and noticed that her tooth was backwards. He tried to figure out which way she turned it so he could revert it back to the way it was. He did, and she felt a little bit better.

The tooth fell out that night.

I felt so sorry for her because she is the only one out of all my girls who wants to be cuddled when they lose a tooth. I was also in shock because she is supposed to be my sassy-little tough girl and how "pain no gain" should be her motto. She was a trooper and was especially excited because the tooth fairy finally came last night to give her some money. I told her that the tooth fairy is off on the weekends so she got her money last night.
No matter if she gets a quarter, fifty cents or a whole dollar...she was grateful and appreciative! 

*How much do you think the tooth fairy should give to your child?

Just curious.

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