Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am hoping that the heat waves have passed us by, but it is August and you just never know. While the weather is still hot and humid, there are days when I don't mind it too much. I mind it when I am literally drenched in sweat and feeling sticky because the heat index is so high. Babies are resilient though. Noah for instance loves being outside. He likes wearing white onesies, he LOVES his wooby, and needs his hat to protect him from the brightness of the sun that'll beat on his small head. 
We only have about five weeks of summer left. We might as well enjoy it whether it's super hot or not!
Although I welcome each month with open arms... August isn't my favorite, but we make the best of each day whether we enjoy the heat or not. In our case we love the sun, but prefer more rain. Just as long as it's not humid!

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