Friday, August 5, 2011

A Bubble party

Since the weather was nice yesterday the kiddos decided to venture outside around the house and have a little bubble party. Noah has had a lot of bubble fun indoors in nursery lately, and loved it even more because this one was done outdoors. They were all having fun blowing bubbles and having them float all around them. 
 They didn't care that we were being eaten alive by mosquitos (we ran out of the OFF spray.) Mosquitos were loving my spanish blood as well, but I didn't care. I loved taking these photos of them. It was worth watching Noah grab the wand away from Lexie so he can blow his own bubbles,

 Beside blowing bubbles he also enjoyed putting the wand in his mouth. Good thing it's non-toxic!
 It was a great outdoor, overcast, getting eaten by mosquitos, a little bit of sweating, with a bit of humidity kind of day for a mini bubble party!
And.They. Enjoyed. Every. Minute. Of. It!

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