Thursday, August 30, 2012

a whole park to ourselves.

School resumes in exactly one week and I am taking advantage of finding fun things to do as a family without breaking our budget.
Earlier this week before Sierra left for teen pep we sporadically drove to Fort Mott state park to have a picnic. We gathered all of the kids, grabbed the cooler, and put all kinds of condiments inside. Luckily for us we had the whole place to ourselves.
This park is pretty big, and its free! Not as big as Central Park, but big enough to play frisbee, and it looks like everyone had a grand time. Trying to capture a picture of a frisbee being thrown in the air wasn't easy, but I think I took a few good shots.

It's funny how competitive these two get when it comes to a sport. It may look like they are playing soccer, but they are trying to reach for the frisbee. They do know how to laugh, and make up in the end! 
I love the wide open space of this park. It is so nice to not have it encumbered by crowds. Don't get me wrong...I love crowds, but there are days when you just need to hear the sound of your own children's laughter, and sometimes eavesdrop on your two oldest daughter's conversation without any background noise. They were oblivious when I took this picture of them!  
When we first ventured out here we weren't aware that there is a boat tour  that takes you around the Delaware River. Unfortunately we missed the last boat, and just stood against the rail overlooking the water. The sounds of the water splashing was so relaxing. I was actually sitting down on a bench with my face staring up at the sun, and then I got too hot.
Noah loves the water, and was on a mission trying to find rocks so that he can throw them into the water.
We decided to walk around the fort, and just enjoy this time as a family. I never want to take them for granted. I love spending time with all of them! Not just one, but when I have them all to myself I feel so blessed. Blessed because we are finding the time to be together, and are making up for those five months of being without a car. It is so nice to have your own vehicle, and be able to drive as far as you want without being pressed for time (i.e. renting a car, or borrowing someone else's.) 
This place is so peaceful, and it was so nice to have literally been the only ones (besides the staff) on Ft. Mott walking against the Delaware River to talk to our children about what goals they have for the school year, thoughts, or concerns they might want to discuss. I'm just grateful for the bond that we have as a family. Sure we may have major disagreements, but in the end we recognize the good and the bad that comes out from those disagreements and always find a common ground. That is something that I didn't really have growing up. So thankful that our children thankful. 

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