Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keeping the faith.

Having been without a car for the past five months has really really humbled us even more not only as a family, but as individuals as well. It wasn't easy being carless, and as much as I am happy to say we have transportation...I will miss those who so lovingly gave their time to take me, and my family to church.

I am so thankful that we went through yet another trial.

These trials...gotta love them. They never stop do they, and I don't believe they ever will. No matter how nice, and humble we are those trials can land on our lap so fast before we can say, "What happened?"

And it always happens to the best of us.

Reading this message from President Uchtdorf helped me in ways to understand the significance behind those trials whether great or small. I have recently learned and studied all the things that we have gone through while dealing through this specific trial. I used to focus on when the trial started, and when it was finally over. I realized that I wasn't as understanding, or spiritually mature enough to seriously learn from those trials when I am not paying attention to what is happening in the middle of those trials. I was always focusing on waiting for that trial to be over instead of actually growing and learning from it.

Well...this particular trial was a lot different, and man oh man did I (we) learn a lot from it! It certainly wasn't easy experiencing it while living in New Jersey!

What I learned from the trial is how much I shouldn't have worried too much over it (after all it's just a car), and I tried my hardest to not stress over it too much. I was more concerned with how we were going to get to church, and with school & early morning seminary starting soon, we were contemplating on how that would work out if we didn't have our own transportation.

If you have faith, and I mean really have the faith, things will work out according to God's will. He is our friend, and He will never leave us. He will help us get through any trial if we just learn to listen, learn to love, and have faith in all things. Even if it means accepting help from others while at the same time trying to be self-sufficient, and do it on our own.

That's how I want to live our life as a family.

And to my wonderful children:

That's what I am striving hard to teach y'all. I want you to know that having faith is what is going to help you get through the most toughest moments in your life. That faith is the key to happiness. Faith is better than complaining. Faith is better than anger. Faith can be better than crying (unless they are tears of joy), and Faith is better than worry.

Remember that song that you made fun of when your dad, and I first introduced y'all too? "Don't Worry Be Happy"... well, add faith to that, and try to keep those three words engrained in your brain, and all will be well. 


Choose faith over worry. 



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