Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All it takes is a simple message.

There are days (in my case week) when I am not feeling like myself. Today is one of those days. I am not feeling well, it's raining, and I'm trying to snap out of this "similar mode to depression feeling", and I will.

I'm determined.

My better half is at work, Sierra has been gone since yesterday for a teen pep retreat, and I have three kids at home who really want to go outside and play, but it's too wet. School doesn't start for another week and a half, and as much as I love having them around they need to venture out. They can only do so many crafts at a time!

I'm going to put my big girl pants on, and try not to allow anything get in the way of my happiness. Especially when it is that time of the month. Oops! Did I just type that? Oh well. I am going to take the kids out, and maybe find a dry place in which they can have some fun. (Oh...the sun is making it's way out!)

The best part of my morning after canceling a visit because I wasn't feeling very well, (and neither was my girlfriend) was receiving this sweet message on Facebook from another childhood friend whom although we knew each other, and mingled within the same circle of friends...we never really hung out. That's okay because there will be plenty of time for us to meet again, visit, and catch up. 

Everyday we will see a reminder on how life should be lived, and sometimes there are things that need to be shared in order for us to get through the daily mundane. Today I was uplifted, and in a sense reminded. So I hope Dyanne doesn't mind that I am sharing her sweet message on my blog with you today.

It truly made my whole day, and will definitely last throughout the week!

Dyanne Gregg
I have been truly moved by your blog. It has made me laugh, cry, and think....My first memory of you and me is when we rode the bus home from Kinder and we both did not get off on our stop. That was a scary time, but somehow it felt safe being together with you. I know that we have always known each other, but were never very close. I wish that we had gotten to know each other better.....maybe one day we will. I feel that we have more in common than we know. I wish you and your family the best!!!

I have never been to Jersey or New York for that matter. Life is very busy, but like the quote on you blog.....sometimes we have to slow down a little or we might miss something. Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog. It helps to know that everyone goes through tough times and that with a strong family unit, you don't have to sweat the small stuff - because as long as we have air in our lungs and we can see and feel the sun in the morning as we wake our kids up to see their smiles......that is what is really important. Thank you!!
Your friend - Dyanne
Thank you for making my morning Dyanne! It makes me feel good knowing that someone is being inspired from reading my blog. I appreciate you, and the time that you take in reading it. I love you, and hope to visit with you soon! We are not too far away! 
xo- Rose

**So-if y'all ever feel as if something is nudging you to do something...don't ignore that feeling. If it feels right...do it! You never know what could be the outcome of that situation, or who'll you'll be uplifting. Trust me...all it takes is a simple message to brighten someone's day.

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