Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National night out

This past Monday Chelsea and her friend Michael played all day playing cops and robbers, hide and seek, and pretending to fight fires. They always enjoy each others company and I think that being in uniform prepared them for what was to come of it the next day. 

Our little town had a small celebration last night which is called National night out. This happens every year in each borough in South Jersey, and is an event in which people come together to support community awareness.

Micheal's dad is a fireman, and it was a wonderful opportunity to have introduced our children to local law enforcement. 
It was so nice to have gathered with others in unity knowing that we all have the same focus which is finding ways to strengthen the spirit of the neighborhood, keeping drugs off the street, and keeping our community safe. 

It was a fun filled family evening with popcorn, milkshakes, and they even had a dunking booth.
 One of Chelsea's favorites was having one of the firetrucks pouring water down on them. 
I was happy to have seen some familiar faces such as Lexie's friends from school including their mothers. We had a nice time visiting and talked about our summer adventures, and how some of us (not me) can't wait for school to start! 
The girls had too much fun hoola hooping, and trying to dunk their friend Sean.
Leave it to little sister who is so bold and fearless to walk up to the booth, slog that red button hard so that he can fall into the water! 
 Noah stood in amazement, and was staring at all the firetrucks as they were driving them back into the firehouse. 
There was a moment in which several firemen demonstrated as to how they would take out a live person from a wrecked car using the jaws of life. It was very interesting to see how they would do it. Noah couldn't take his eyes off of that either! 
I really, really enjoyed myself this evening, and meeting new folks. I enjoyed myself so much that I have decided to put in the time to volunteer, and help out the fire department. I would love to give back to the community by serving, and I have my dear friend and her son who is a firefighter to thank for. I have some free time on my hands and I might as well use it to serve the town in which I live in. 

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