Monday, August 20, 2012

A day at Bushkill Falls.

This past weekend consisted of beautiful scenery, fun, and it went by way too quick. When there is a small chance that my better half has a Saturday off...we are going to take full advantage of it, and spend it as a family. Unfortunately our yearly church picnic fell on the same day, but in my opinion getting away from Jersey, and spending time with my family takes precedence over a picnic. Especially since I've attended the past three.

They call Bushkill Falls the Niagara of Pennsylvania. It was our first time here and since it was a spontaneous trip we weren't prepared to hike through the falls. We did manage to have the young ones play in the park, and go on a peddle boat ride.
And we had fun...
I was happy when a peddle boat was available because Noah kept throwing rocks while we were waiting. He was getting a little too close to the water. 
Thank goodness for life jackets!
 Noah wanted daddy to move to the back so he could take full control of the steering!
and at the end of the ride tried to peddle the boat.  
Sorry Noah...your not tall yet buddy! 
 We are definitely coming again prepared with decent hiking shoes, water bottles, and a carrier for Noah. 


It was a great day, and I'm extremely grateful to live in an area where we are so close in distance to embark on new adventures in different places. 

That is one of the advantages of living in Jersey. 

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