Saturday, August 4, 2012

my little mischief maker.

I think having two of his sisters away at girls camp has made Noah a little spoiled. You'd think that having his sisters home he would be a bit more playful, but I think he liked having all the attention while they were all gone. He did give them a big hug when they returned from camp, but lately he's been a bit of a pill.

So whenever Noah does something naughty we put him in timeout which is in his crib. Why his crib... you may ask? Because he doesn't like it. Although he sleeps through the night in his crib, he doesn't like being in it during the day. He knows when he's done something naughty because in the crib he goes! 

He's so much fun to be with and as much as I adore him he's been a bit of a pill lately. He pulls the girls hair when he doesn't get his way, he'll sometimes bite me to get my attention, and slightly hit any of his sisters when we tell him no. It's not him, and I don't want to him to get used to it. I know he's a boy, and I'm sure it's a phase. I know boys are more rough, and loud, but I am trying my best to teach him that hitting, biting, and pulling hair is not nice. He mostly does this to Chelsea. Sometimes I wonder if he's so rough with her because of how she treated him when he was a baby. She treated him like a rag doll, and I think she was confusing him with her Bitty baby at that time. 

Well...I think Noah is slowly learning his lesson. He's been in the biting stage for a while now, and is learning real quickly that there is no tolerance for that. He doesn't go in his crib that often which is good but when he does he will pout, and make faces (oh...and he'll spit too!) He also begins throwing everything out of his crib. He'll be three in November, and I hope that he will surpass this phase of opposition. 

When he knows his time is up he has a huge smile on his face because we're getting him out. I feel bad when I put him in there, but how else is he going to learn? I'd hate to think of his crib as a jail cell, and I will get that thought out of my mind, but he really needs to learn not to get away with misbehaving. I think that being the baby of the family and the only boy has him a little bit spoiled.

Overall he truly is a sweet, and loving boy who says please and thank you, and for the most part does show respect. I probably made this post sound as is if he's uncontrollable. The fact of the matter is that he is not a perfect child, and I'm okay with that. He's only two and a half for crying out loud! How else will he learn right from wrong if I, as a mother don't incorporate any rules. I'm sure this phase will pass, and I am brave, & patient enough to let it be something that I can handle.
Yeah...I know it's just a phase! Look at that grin! 

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