Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer review.

So far this summer is going by way too fast.  The kids have been super active with walking, swimming, birthday partying, running, sweating, talking, walking, never ending hide and seek, netflicking, bike riding, walking. Oh...and did I say walking? 

And, a lot of this...napping

and this...more napping,

I have to admit that it is so easy to just jump into bed after weeks of strenuous activity, hardcore playing, and visiting with friends. I feel so good about myself knowing that as I am sitting on the couch watching "Cold Case" that I can turn off the remote at the drop of at hat, and like a mean mom shout out..."Time for scripture study everyone!" My better half may have just come home from work around 9pm, but he knows how important it is to read as a family.

No matter how late it is...

As soon as we are done reading, the end result to an evening of late scripture study after a day of venturing out by foot looks like this...more napping (well in this case immediate shut eye as soon as we closed with a prayer!)
This summer has been interesting to say the least, and I am loving every minute of it. I kind of don't want it to end...yet!

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