Friday, August 10, 2012

eternal glimpses.

^^ Jon  at the tender age of seven ^^
Jon and I have been taking advantage of his days off and going for long walks down the bike path. We decided to go for a walk during school hours, and it never dawned on me that there is a school in which you can see their backyard through the path. As we were walking past I couldn't help but to notice four young boys leaning against the fence with a look of despair. As soon as they saw us they began shouting, "Hey, can you get the ball for us...please!" They were so cute, and I couldn't help but to stand for a minute, and look at those boys with starry eyes. Jon gracefully picked up the ball with his foot as if he was kicking a huge hackey sack and tossed it over the fence. Standing and looking at these sweet boys ranging between the ages of four and six got me thinking.

Really thinking.

And I got glimpses of our own son growing up.

Glimpes of my life fleeting way too fast, and seeing visions of Noah through those childrens faces. I was seeing him at the tender ages of three, then four, five, six, and so on.

As soon as we came home, I went downstairs to the basement and pulled out my husband's bin labeled Jon's Mission/childhood memories. I pulled out various pictures, and laid them down not being able to take my eyes off of them. I was showing them to the girls, and they were saying how much Noah looks like dad. How he shares his smile, the light brown hair, the eyes, and the small dimples.
I couldn't help but to picture Noah all grown up duplicating his father, and accomplishing all the wonderful things just like his dad did.
And it makes me so happy.

Happy to know that I married someone who is so wonderful to me and our children. Someone who has accomplished so many things throughout his youth, and for holding strong to that iron rod. I know my better half faced many challenges growing up, but he persevered, and managed to hold true to the things he believes in.

The combination of Jon and I being his parents gives me so much confidence. Confidence in knowing that even though Noah will always have a choice in everything that he does with his life that as a mother I can be strong, and teach him proper principles right from the start so that he can remember what he is being taught in choosing the right.

I can picture Jon telling him cub scout stories, helping him to accomplish his eagle, and sharing experiences that he learned while on his church mission. Teaching the pros and cons of life, and the hardships that come with that. Explaining to him to strive hard in leading a Christ like life because it'll make you stronger, and in the it'll all have been worth it.

Enduring to the end is worth a life of eternal happiness. How grateful I am to know of our Saviors love, and for the strength that I receive through His example.

Those are the eternal glimpses that I was depicting of our son on that day, and I don't ever want to lose sight of them!


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