Thursday, August 16, 2012

My little Olympian.

We have been going through a little bit of Olympic withdrawal partial because it's a sign that summer is coming to an end, and the fact that we missed a couple of days of it seemed to have ended all too quick. 

I was reminded of it when Noah was aiming for the rings in the backyard of a friend's house the other day. Instead of the swing, or slide he ran straight towards them, and grabbed them so gracefully as if he was a natural.

His strength amazes me, and when he was hanging from them so still it put a smile on my face. He's so petite, but yet so strong. Lifting himself up almost flipping over! I can totally see him being a gymnast. He is the monkey in our house jumping off the couch, bed, table & chairs! He loves rolling, and being upside down and flipping backwards! Sometimes he scares me because I feel as if he's going to break his neck! He's strong though, and he knows what he's doing. Still...I don't allow that much horsing around in our small living room! 

 He really enjoyed this huge backyard where he could run around free. He's a little sweaty in these pictures, and that is just a sign that he can take the heat on a hot semi humid day swinging from the still rings

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