Friday, August 24, 2012

Half The Sky

"Women hold up half the sky."
~Chinese proverb
About a month ago I felt prompted to join a group called The Mission List on Facebook. I "liked" it and immediately became a member. I also gave them my email address so I can get updated information about the group, and low and behold I received an email about being involved in a program called Half the Sky movement. I immediately watched the introductory trailer on YouTube, and what it entailed.

Let me tell you...I was on fire!

Fire meaning that I was ready to help in any way that I can. For those of you who really know me I am all about compassion, and finding ways to uplift, and help others...even if it's through the touch of a button on my keyboard.

Reading Half the Sky was not an easy read. In fact there were some stories in there which made me mad, and so sad that I cried. At the end of reading this book some of those tears turned into happiness because of how some of the women that shared their stories turned out.

This book resonated with me in ways that I never thought would. I know that there are many of us in the world who have suffered from being sexually abused, or involved in prostitution to make ends meet. Luckily for us who live in the U.S. it's easier to get out of such situations, and in due time heal from our abused wounds.

This book writes about women who have been kidnapped, enslaved, and later forced into prostitution in different countries. Some of them as young as eight years old! There is even a story where the mother works at a brothel, and by her example her daughter does the same thing. There is another story in which a 'gangster' in India tried to force a father to sell his daughter into prostitution. When he refused, he hid her, and they destroyed his home.

Some of us may not have the stomach to read a book like this, or get involved, but I totally recommend it because it is happening and it needs to be stopped. There are a few celebrities who are advocates for Half the Sky, and it warms my heart knowing that they are willing to travel to places like Cambodia, China, and India to try to find solutions to help stop sex trafficking.

Some of us are resilient and fortunately some of the women in this book were brave enough to face their demons and persevered and are now sharing their stories. I cannot imagine even half of what these women went through, but their strength helps me to have more hope that others can be saved. It is up to us as a world wide nation to try to find ways in putting a stop to sex trafficking, and to raise awareness of womens issues.

It truly is a story of bravery, survival, courage, and resilience.

It inspired me until the very end.

This post (+ my sharing on social media) was inspired by my participation in a compensated program initiated by Women Online/The Mission List to raise awareness about the Half the Sky. All commentary and opinions are, of course, my own.

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