Saturday, December 8, 2012

December & the three trees.

The leaves no longer linger on the side of the street...the leaf blowers gathered them up on the first day of December. Cold weather is upon us and this past week the days have been feeling a lot like winter. I am really looking forward to some snow this year.

Fall was a lot of fun, and the kiddos managed to have enough leaf wars to last all winter long. Now we are longing for snow fights. We are now approaching the second week of December, and I am happy to say that I have ordered our Christmas cards, got what little shopping I had done, made a few homemade gifts, and if you are on our nice list you'll be getting a treat from the Jorgensens.

We have "Miles" the elf on the shelf" keeping a watchful eye on the kids to make sure that they are behaving themselves. I have my lovely berry wreath on the door (which I've had for four years now), and all our little decorations are displayed in our home.

We barely put up our three trees, and the kids had fun decorating them. We usually rotate every other year with our 7ft pre-lit tree (which I loathed so we gave it to a good place), but came to our senses, and decided that next we'll start a tradition of getting a real tree! One thing for sure is we will always keep our three trees...too many memories.

Watching Noah's expressions, and hearing his ooh's and ahh's as I was taking out the ornaments lit up his face, and mine. It reminded me of all the expressions the girls had on their face, and how much I miss them being three. I am seeing Christmas this year in a different aspect with Noah.

He is a boy, and he is growing up.

I realized while we were decorating the trees his observance, and helpfulness were in tact. He was in awe with our bird ornaments, and was giving each bird a kiss before we put them on the tree. Last year we had all the unbreakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree, but this year we are putting our trust in Noah that he won't mess with the breakable ones.

So far so good.

I love this time of year, and watching our kids growing up continues to be bittersweet. It humbles me to see our children so giving of themselves in expressing their love towards our family. Even though there are times when Noah can behave like Dennis the Menace he is just as sweet as his sisters. Their individualities make them all unique children, and I love that!

I am grateful that we had an autumn to remember, and I know that this Christmas with the three trees will be unforgettable too.

Christmas in Fayetteville, NC-circa, 2006
Christmas in NC-circa, 2007
 Just like the rest of them have been.

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