Monday, December 10, 2012

I love Hunter...the boot, not the boy.

Christmas came early for Chelsea this year when she came home to see a package on the table with a box that read "Hunter" on it. She immediately jumped for joy, took them out of the box, and I swear she wants to wear her Hunter boots every day!

I've always wanted to get a pair for each of our girls, but lets get real. We don't want to buy a pair of expensive shoes for the younger children especially since they'll outgrow them in six months! Still...I couldn't help it, and I have to give credit in being a part of The Mission List. I thank them for paying me $$$$ for writing this blog post about my thoughts on reading this book as well as chatting for an hour online discussing topics on underage drinking. Without their compensations I wouldn't have been able to buy our girls multiple pairs of TOMS and Hunter boots ( I did buy myself a pair too!)

The weather has been wet for the past few days, and these boots couldn't have arrived at a better time. She outgrew the rain boots I bought for her last year, and they were not as good quality as these. They are perfect, and she loves them. I wish she had these last year when she decided to go out and dance in the rain.

Since we woke up to rain yesterday she decided to wear them to church. As we were on our way home from church I asked the girls how their classes went. When it was Chelsea's turn she told me about this sweet boy in her primary class who asked her a bold, but sweet question, "Do you... like me?"

She wondered why he would ask her such a question, and as she saw him staring at her boots it was then when she realized that he must of thought she engraved his name "Hunter" on her boot. We all laughed and I asked her what her response was to his question, and she said that she told him, "Nooooo, you're my friend", and proceeded to explain to him that the reason she had the name Hunter on her boots was because it is the brand name of the boot...not the boy she likes. Too cute!
She is too young for boys, but old enough to wear Hunter boots. They are so worth the dollar amount, and I hope to get considered for more campaigns from the Mission list because these girls would love to have a pair in just about every color!

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