Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miss Congeniality with the sunniest smile.

As I attended the Who Who's nominee event for the class of 2013 last night I couldn't help but to observe all the students, and to see in all of them something good. It was interesting to see all the drama members sitting in one section of the auditorium, and the jocks in another yet you could still hear them talking amongst each other. It's nice to see that all these seniors get along, and enjoyed themselves on this night.
I really enjoyed the host, Mr. Winfield who was Sierra's History teacher last year. He is quite the comedian, and made everyone laugh with the remarks he was making as he was announcing the nominees as well as the winners. I wish I had a teacher like him while I was in High School. Maybe I would have paid more attention in History class!

Out of a class of at least 320 seniors Jordan and Sierra are the only ones who are LDS, and yet they are friends with the entire class. It doesn't matter what religious background anyone is they are both friends with everyone.

I also think it's great that these two strive to live their standards in a world where other students may not agree with their beliefs.
Jordan with his cute girl Meredith, and Sierra
For four years Sierra has been attending Highland, and for her to be nominated for two different categories in her Senior year really tells you something about her. For some of the students at Highland who are "veterans" (meaning that they were born and raised here) accept her for who she is. To me that doesn't make her an outsider, but somewhat a "Jersey girl." She may not have been born here, but in the past five years she has made friends left and right, and continues to do so.
Sierra with T.J. who won for most school spirit. 
Even though she left without "a trophy" she definitely has the sunniest smile, and her congenial nature makes everyone want to be her pal.

She is Miss Congeniality in our eyes, and she doesn't need a trophy to tell her that she is.

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