Monday, December 17, 2012

Always remember Sandy Hook

The shooting in Connecticut has got to be the most horrifying news ever since the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001. It has stirred so much controversy against gun control, and I personally will not get into that subject.

The purpose of this post is to give parents hope that we may start our morning with a prayer of faith that our children will be safe, and a prayer for the families who lost loved ones on that day at such a young age.

Six is young. 27 is young... even 47 is young.

I cannot even begin to understand why someone would go off on a rampage and take innocent lives.

News like this really hit close to home because of family that lives in Connecticut. Luckily my brother in law lives an hour and a half away from Newtown, but the fact that they live in CT with children elementary age really hit close to my heart. I gave them a call to let them know how much I love them, and our nieces.

Our oldest daughters heard of the incident through social media at school so they were well aware of what happened when they arrived home. As for my seven year old she had no clue.

She did however, seem a little curious as to what all the excitement was about, and why her sisters and I were so upset. I explained to her what happened. I don't sugarcoat anything with our children when it comes to serious events that are occurring in the world. It's tragedies like this which involve school shootings where we need to explain to them the best way we can as to why tragedies like this happen.

To be honest, I don't think she could comprehend what happened to these children. When I said to her that a sick man broke into the school, and began shooting teachers, and small children her age with a gun...her eyes grew big! Her facial expression was so innocent, and it got me thinking.

Like her facial expression...I believe that all of these children had no idea as to what was happening. Death was swift for them, and I feel that with with the innocence these six year old children had died with angels surrounding them.

That is a comfort, and knowing that there is a plan of happiness for families to be together forever is a huge blessing!

I can never fathom a tragedy happening like that in our borough in Jersey, but I will say this. I want to be prepared. Prepared to have a plan in case this tragedy happens again. Prepare ourselves with a Christ loving heart, and to never take our children, or anyone for granted.
My heart continues to ache for the families of the little ones as well as the brave adults whose lives were taken so suddenly on that day, and I extend my sincere condolences to them.

I pray that they will find the strength to know that there precious ones are with their Father in Heaven, and that the most precious gift that they will receive this Christmas is being with the Savior.

May we always remember this day, and move forward with faith in preparing ways where we can better protect our children. That's all we can do....pray.

We know how are day will begin, but we will never know how our day is going to end.
Found this sweet pic here & wanted to share. Since we also have an elf on the shelf there were no shenanigans in our home. 

Keep praying, and move forward with remembrance.

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