Thursday, December 6, 2012

a little footloose.

Yes...the weather has become colder, and I am loving it. Noah loves to go out on days like this, and I make an effort to take him to the park a few days a week.

While Chelsea was at her piano lesson I took Noah to the park inside the subdivision. He has become a natural at swinging on bars, and lifting his upper body almost turning completely over! He loves the monkey bars, and anything that looks like a pole in which he can swing from.

I was on a swing swinging as high as I could go (sorry no pictures), and I did something I hadn't done since elementary school. I jumped to the ground from the swing, and although my landing was askew, I can hear Noah in the background saying, "Go mom!" I almost twisted my ankle, but I managed to stand with dignity as if I wasn't winded. It was worth it just to hear my little man chanting, "go mom", "go mom"!

Probably not a great example for my boy, but I don't think I have to worry about him swinging too much on the swings because of his love for the bars.

The desire of his swinging, doing headstands at home, somersaults from the couch, and trying to break dance is probably a result from watching this gymnastics scene from both versions of this movie, and the 2012 Olympics this past summer.

 I think that gymnastics are in the foreseeable future for our little man, and I am sure he will love it!
I personally think it would be fun for him, and I totally picture him being a handsome, strong gymnast!

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